Silent in the trees

I know

where you stand

Silent in the trees

And that’s where I am

Silent in the trees – Trees by Twenty One Pilots

I was struggling to find a title for this post but then Twenty One Pilots came to the rescue.

Just when I thought I was running out of pictures to post on Blog, I clicked a new picture last Saturday. And as there are trees in the picture, I remembered the song Trees by Twenty One Pilots.

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I was out with family for shopping and while travelling I captured these green & peaceful trees by the road.

Once again I am late to post on my blog even when I had the picture ready with me. Just one of those days again when I am struggling to write anything (even description of this picture). I haven’t written anything new since last 2 weeks.

Though, you’ll still get to read a new poem this Friday as I have written it earlier. And I will try my best to start writing again.

Hope you all are doing great & had fun celebrating festivals yesterday (Indians).

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading !

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