Devkund waterfall trek - Serenity

Hey Everyone! Good to be back from a short awkward break. Thank you for hearing out my last rant & helping me with it. Welcoming you to this Wordless Wednesday with the Serenity of Devkund.

Okay, let’s talk about this picture now. This one is from my trip to Devkund Waterfall Trek. One of the most difficult trek I did till now. That also makes it the most memorable trip for me.

I have already shared about the journey of this 3 hours trek. In short, it was Thrilling yet Beautiful. I won’t go into details once again as you can read it from my previous posts.

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Tamhini Ghat – A Road Less Traveled

I hope you liked this serene picture and visit Devkund Waterfalls someday in future.

Let me know about your Thrilling Trips / Treks in the comments section below. I would love to know your experiences.

Thank you for reading!

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