I often find myself pushing away people
As I know, I end up clinging too much
And try hard to go back in memories
without a time machine

They say people change (I say it too)
and you can’t do anything about it
yet I end up trying to un-change the changed
as always

I chase them down
like the little me tried to chase the moon
which always seemed walking by my side
but was always still
& far away

Sometimes people travel faster than light
(yes, they lied about it)
You get lost staring at their beautiful footsteps
and they are gone, forever

But you still have a hope
you keep the doors open & lights on
so they can get back inside, safe
even in your absence

That’s how
I’ve stabbed my self esteem and
crushed my self respect to death
with my patience

Now I sit on my own grave
watering a dead plant
expecting a colourless flower
to bloom once again

R.I.P. Self Respect.

Poem Description

Is your Self Respect still alive ?

I am not sure about mine.

RIP Self respect is a poem trying to talk about how we crush our own respect trying to do things which doesn’t matter to us, chasing people who have no respect for us and then doubting ourselves for no reason.

We are crazy, aren’t we?

Anyway. I don’t want to say “I hope you could relate“, because I don’t want you too.

If you still could relate, it’s time to start respecting yourself again.

Thank you for reading !

[Reposted on 3rd November 2020, Originally Posted 13th March 2020]

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