Why my blog has no traffic on my blog even when I write the awesome content?

How other bloggers are getting tons of traffic and shares on their blogs?

But why not me?

If you have similar questions and confusions about your blog then this post is for you.

Keep reading it till the end.

Hello Everyone!

This is a special post for all the bloggers out there. Almost every blogger is always trying to find ways to increase their blog traffic & engagement.

Everyone is trying their different ways like Reading articles about, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts or seeking help from successful bloggers.

And then there comes a point where nothing seem like to be worked & you feel like it’s too complex & tough to get traffic to your blog.

You know what? It’s not that tough. Well , it is tricky and needs hard work and patience.

In this article, I am going to tell you 8 reasons why your blog has no traffic and how to get it.

Reasons why your blog has no traffic

But, we will start from the basics.

What Is Blog Traffic ?

Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic is an number of people visiting a blog website & engaging with that content by liking, commenting or sharing it. Bloggers get to know about the number of people visiting their blogs, their locations, number of visits per posts, etc.

A blogger pours his/her heart in a blog post to provide the best content of his/her expertise expecting many people to read & engage with it. But it doesn’t happen this way. A lot of times best of the posts gets ignored and left with no traffic at all.

This can demotivate a blogger very easily, no matter how talent he/she is.

I’ll complete my 1st Year of blogging in the next month. In this 1 year, my blog has around 40K Views (Including my free wordpress blog). That too without any blogging experience before.

Update: Its been 2 and half years of blogging for me & the current total traffic is almost 100K. Also, organice traffic has increased by 3000+ %.

How My Blog Got So Many Views?

For an accidental blogger, it’s shocking to get this much traffic within a single year. I never had experience of blogging or even writing before. But still I managed to get so many people to read my blog.

How? Actually , I’m still figuring it out. There’s no magic formula or easy tricks to get huge traffic and followers to your blog.

But there are few things I’ve recognised which I did throughout this blogging journey that helped me to get here. And I know that many bloggers are not doing them.

So first let’s get to know the reasons your blog has no traffic.

8 Reasons Why Your Blog Has No Traffic

reasons why your blog has no traffic

First of all, I’m not the best blogger out there or even considering myself for it. It’s just that I’ve observed so many talented bloggers losing motivation to write & stopped blogging.

This really breaks my heart while me being newbie to writing & blogging got such an overwhelming response on my blog.

And I’ve observed few mistakes did by many bloggers which affects the blog traffic so much. Hence, they need stop doing those mistakes ASAP.

Here are those 8 Reasons :

1. You Don’t Read Blog Posts Of Other Bloggers

This is the most basic and simple thing about blogging yet many bloggers are doing wrong here. If you’re writing a post on your blog, the first intention is to get people to read it, right? You want people to visit your blog , read the post you’ve written and engage with it.

But do you really read post from others blogs? In my opinion , blogging is not just about writing & publishing what you want , it’s a community where we can share and learn from so many people around the globe.

You can’t expect to get huge number of views without you reading posts of fellow bloggers ,liking their content or following their blogs.

Being a new blogger, your blog won’t just appear in Google search results or on feeds of many bloggers. That is why, you need to find out bloggers in your niche, read their content, follow their blogs. That is how your blog will start to get exposure in the beginning.

2. You Post Forced Comments On Blogs

Just like bloggers who avoid reading posts from others, there are also bloggers who likes and comments on posts without reading it at all.

Liking without reading posts is still somewhat acceptable to me. But spamming a comment section with irrelevant comments and inserting own blog links is a huge turn-off.

Nice Post“, “Great Post“, “Follow my blog (Link)“, these are few examples of the spammy comments we all get. No one will be interested in your blog if you keep doing this. It’s supper annoying and worst strategy to get more traffic.

Instead, comment only when you genuinely have something to say about that piece of writing. Don’t force yourself to drop comments mindlessly. Always add long comments with your opinions/experiences in your comments.

That is how people will feel like checking your blog & actually read it.

3. You Don’t Reply To Comments

9 out of 10 times , if I don’t get reply to my comments from a blogger, I stopped commenting on their blog.

This might have sound little rude , but it’s a part of human nature. When someone puts a meaningful comment with message of appreciation under a post and you choose to ignore it or reply coldly it will make an impression that you have no interest in people reading it.

So next time when you post an amazing content on your blog, that person will choose to leave that comment section empty instead of getting ignored by you once again.

This obviously affects your blog traffic hugely. Always reply to comments with kind words & feeling of gratefulness. That is how you will build stronger network with fellow bloggers and increase your traffic & followers too.

4. You Don’t Focus On Formatting Your Posts

You’ve got a very trendy and fresh topic to write a blog post, and you write super informative & long post but without any formatting it. Results? No one will feel like reading it.

No one wants to read a post written like an essay with no Headings, Sub Headings, Lists, Text Styles, etc. It will be really boring to read a post without proper format.

A Readable piece writing is something which looks simple yet meaningful to the readers. You don’t have to make it too fancy by adding multiple text colours or text fonts.

If you’re confused about how to actually format your posts then I’ve a great tip for you. Ask yourself what kind of posts you enjoy reading, what formats feel more readable to you, then according to that you can easily apply those things for your own blog.

5. You Don’t Make Efforts To Build Relationship With Bloggers

By relationships, what I mean is building a network with fellow bloggers. As a blogger, it is must for growth of your blog as well as yours as a blogger.

It’s been a year since I started my blog. As my name suggest, it was accidental. I never even thought that people will read my posts & I will reach to almost 2K followers within a year.

You’ll ask me how I did it? Most important thing I did & still do interacting with bloggers & building a strong network. I was never a writer/poet/photographer , not even in my imaginations. It’s just that one fine day by suggestion of one of my professor at college, I created a website on WordPress for free and my blogging journey started.

The most important reason why I have improved my writing skills & blogging skills is because of immensely talented & supportive people I’ve met here. They have been constant source of inspiration & motivation to keep writing. Thanks to all of you guys.

I’m sure now you get my point about why you need to build relationships with other bloggers & learning from them.

6. You Don’t Promote Your Blog

I didn’t do it too. In the initial days, it was very awkward for me to tell people about my blog. It still is awkward but now few people know about my blog. (Hardly 3-4 of them read/follow my blog).

So I can understand if you’re feeling shy or awkward of sharing your blog posts with the people you know. We do feel scared of what will people think about our writings and if we did make too many mistakes in it.

But it’s very important and also easy way to get more traffic on your blog. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc are very useful and easy to promote your content to wider audience.

If you still want be anonymous, you can choose an alternative name for your blog account & share your posts with many people.

Instagram & Twitter are my favourite social platforms to promote my blog.

You can follow me there:



7. You Are Not Consistent With Your Blog Posts

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is harder. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.

Bruce Springsteen

(Via brainyquote.com)

Consistency is the key to success. Be it in any field, goal , dream,etc. Consistent and regular efforts will always lead you to the path of success.

Blogging is no exception. This also very important reason why bloggers lose their traffic, because they are never consistent with their blogs. They lack proper schedule of posting which affects on their stats very badly.

So, you’ve to make a blogging schedule. Decide how many times a week you want to post and try your best to stick to that schedule.

You don’t need to post too much just because you need more traffic on your blog. Based on your routine and other work, make a fixed schedule for writing & posting on Blog.

8. You Don’t Do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you’re a blogger who ever has searched for blog traffic on Google then the first term you’ll get to read is SEO. Seo which is Search Engine Optimisation is a process of optimising a website according to Google’s algorithms to rank it on search results.

The reason why I chose seo as last reason is because I don’t want new bloggers or bloggers with less tech knowledge to get confused with this term. Only when you have already improved above mistakes and your blog has started to get significant traffic, start exploring and learning about Seo.

Simple things you can do to better SEO for your posts is Adding Alt text to images you have added, Linking to your old posts and also to your social links is very important.

I don’t want to get you too deep in SEO right now because it deserves a separate post to explain it perfectly.

3 Easy Tips – How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog ?

If you have read this post till now then you probably already got an idea about the things which you need to stop doing as a blogger, as they are affecting traffic on your blog.

Here are some additional tips after you stop doing those 8 Mistakes I’ve mentioned above:

1. Write Useful and Quality Content With Proper Research

To get maximum traffic on your blog, your blog must have content for which people are looking for. It should solve someone’s problem or provide a solution or advice for them.

Also, choose the topic only when you are familiar with that topic and hold good command over same. If you do not have much idea about a topic but still want to write, then do proper research on the topic to get clear image about that topic.

Read relevant content on topic of your interest and get to know what kind of content is liked and shared by the readers. Then write even better content and improve quality of your content.

2. Add Images, Videos And GIFs

When you finally have decided a topic with proper research, next step is to focus on making your blog post look attractive to the readers. No, you do not have to add colours to your texts.

Adding relevant Images, Videos and GIFs can make your blog more engaging and fun to read. You can get free images on various free platforms available on the internet. (Suggestion: Pixabay)

Make sure that you don’t add copyrighted images as they might land you into some legal trouble if the owner decides.

3. Seek Help From Bloggers

This tip one might sound off topic but seeking help from experienced bloggers will help you to get more traffic on your blog. You can use their experience to improve your writing which will eventually increase your readers and followers.

Why? Because they have been blogging from a long time so they have much more experience than you. And a genuine and a kind blogger will always help you by sharing about their mistakes and lessons they have learnt.

And how you can meet such bloggers? They are already out there but for that you need to start interacting with bloggers.

Final Thoughts

So, this article was all about to let all the bloggers know reasons why they are not getting audience on their blogs. What are reasons for not getting any traffic and how to do it.

I am not writing this article as a Blogging expert or it doesn’t mean I know everything about getting traffic on a blog. All I want to do is share with you all about the things I have tried on my blog which actually has worked for me.

Well, I can’t guarantee you huge spike in your stats after applying this tips but it will surely help you get more exposure than before. This is how you’ll be even more motivated to keep writing in future.

Do you have more tips and tricks to gain traffic on a blog? Please share them in the comment section and help all the bloggers together.

Thank You For Reading !

Originally posted on 19th July 2019

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