If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.//If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.~ Unknown (Internet)

We all have read these type of quotes & will keep reading them on various social media platforms.

You know why this quote is so famous?

Because most of the people hate their jobs & are complaining about them all day. Then quotes like this promotes a feel good fantasy which allows these people to surrender and not take the responsibility for their miserable job/life.

You’ll be surprised to know that some people are doing it just because others are doing it. Like hating your job has become a norm.


In this article, we are gonna see what’s wrong with this famous quote. The Reality of doing what you love & do people really don’t have to work if they are doing what they love?

What’s Wrong With This Quote

I think the problem with this type of Motivational/Advisory quotes is that they lack context. That’s why it can be easily misinterpreted by most of the people.

So never ever take such one liner advices seriously. No, you’ll still have to work even if you’ve a job that you love.

You’ll still get bored of doing it because it’s repetitive and tiring. You’ll feel like you have had enough and fantasize about taking a long break from everything.

That’s the reality no matter in what field you’re working. So, stop taking such quotes seriously. Every type of work is work and it will tire/bore you at some point.

For Example: Let’s take me as an example. I’ve been writing for more than two years, have written around 250+ blog posts. I write whatever & whenever I want to write. Now, let’s turn this into my job, introduce an authority/clients for whom I’m writing/blogging.

Suddenly the freedom is taken away & the thing which I was passionate about became a real job. And now I’ll look at writing/blogging as a real job/task than a passion/interest.

A singer can’t sing/write songs all day, a painter can’t paint all day and say that he/she loves it all the time. No matter what field you’re working, when it turns into your job it will exhaust you at some point.

Do I mean people who are doing what they love hate their jobs too? Well, no. I’m not saying that. All I’m trying to do is clear the misconception that’s been created due such type of quotes/advice.

So, if you’re thinking that if you start working on something that you love and it will never feel like work, you’re wrong. It’s still work for which you’ll have to work.

Does Everyone Find What They Love?

Let’s take this topic even deeper and discuss how such types of quotes are affecting people.

Do you think that every person on this planet finds out what they are passionate about?

No, most of people don’t. By passion what I mean is an interest/hobby which can turn into a career as that’s what the quote is about.

Every individual does have a lot of passions/hidden talents of various kinds. And even being good at them, some people prefer to keep it as a hobby only.

It’s not necessary that everyone needs to go on the self discovery mode, leave 8 hours job, start a startup and all that social media inspired bullshit.

It’s okay and very normal to just go out, take up a job that earns you money which in return makes your life enjoyable and fulfilling.

You don’t have to make it complicated by asking yourself questions which you don’t have answers for.

Final Words

If you’re someone who is about turn something you love into your profession, remember that it will not always be fun. Even if it’s something that you enjoy doing, when turned into work, you’ll have deadlines to meet, tasks to complete and what not.

On the other hand, it’s not necessary that everyone should convert their passion into profession. Whether you’re doing what you love or a traditional/corporate job, you can enjoy your life in both scenarios.

Because life is not all about the work you do. Here I would like to quote Ms dhoni to end this article, where he says, “Cricket is a part of my life and not my whole life“.

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