The problem with being Accidental Blogger, (yes me) is that people will always expect me to act a certain way. According to the image they’ve created after reading what I write or maybe after I’ve been kind or understanding to them.

It is very tiring and it sucks.

I’m not an ideal, I can never be. I too make mistakes and act weird. Because I’m just human just like you all.

I too get angry and might shout at someone when it’s too much for me. It happens rarely, but yes. I am not calm all the time.

I guess this is what happens to people who write on topics like I do. People expect you to be perfect who always understands, stays patient, acts mature, says the right thing at the right time.

Most of the articles I write are actually result of me making those mistakes. I hardly write on topics that doesn’t resonate with me. So if I write “How to deal with something“, know that I’ve struggled badly at dealing with that something.

When I write about “Stop doing that thing“, I’ve been doing that thing for years. And that’s why I ask to stop doing it to myself, to you as well.

So, whatever image of accidental blogger you’ve in your mind, delete it. I can’t do that, I can never be the image you’ve created in your mind. Otherwise you’ll be disappointed badly.