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5 Types Of Memes I Hate To Look At

Have you spent a day without looking at a Meme? It’s quite impossible as memes are everywhere and we all love them. Every social media site is full of funny memes on every topic and they receive a huge amount… Continue Reading →

Farewell In Lockdown – Poem

Are we still getting a farewell ? A month ago, I had an ideato finally write about a placewhere I learnt the mostbeyond semicolons & curly bracesbut the place is lockednot sure if I can bid a final goodbyethe way I thought…. Continue Reading →

The Sky Was Pink

The Sky Was Pink Picture Credits: ©Accidental Blogger Camera : Motorola One Power Connect With Me On : Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook © 2021 Accidental Blogger All Rights Reserved

Hold On To You – Poem

I wish I had hold on to youthan the fear of losing you I don’t why I run awayeverytime you get close to meyou make me feel too much lovedsomething which scares me more than a heartbreak We lie down… Continue Reading →

What’s Next? – Poem

Do I have anything left to write?I don’t think I’m sad anymore(if that’s what got me started)or even happy to be honestI’m justcaught up, I guess I keep my schedule tightput things on my plate until they start spilling& make… Continue Reading →

A Sunset Ride

Hey there! It’s been ages since I posted a picture here. Those of you who have been following the blog from long knows that I used to post a new picture every wednesday aka Wordless Wednesday. But then posts got… Continue Reading →

6 Things You Should Never Waste Your Time On

This little moment. Yes, this is the one where I’ve gathered all my willpower to start writing this article after so long. As the article itself is about things you shouldn’t waste your time on, don’t waste too much time… Continue Reading →

There Are No Good Or Bad People

There are good or bad people. Just people. People often label a person good after a certain good thing they notice or experience. Now they will always have this image of a “Good Person” in their minds. They expect this… Continue Reading →

Obsessed All Over Again – Poem

I won’t romanticize pain tonightthis isn’t a poem about a broken thinga heart, a brain, a boneor about the beauty of lovethat doesn’t last (there isn’t any) Let me write about the Band I’m obsessed all over againTwo boys,I spin… Continue Reading →

Why Hating Someone Is So STUPID (And How To Stop It)

Do you have a person around or far away from you who spoils your mood the moment you see them, hear them or even when someone talks about them? You are pretty convinced that you hate this person to the… Continue Reading →

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