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Facade – Poem

Why do I do what I do?Is there a way I could do it the other way?Why did I do what I did?Was there a way I could’ve done it other way? These questions keep me awakeI don’t know if… Continue Reading →

Nobody Is Perfect Applies To Everyone

Nobody is perfect applies to each person around you and not just to yourself. There are so many things through which people go through that you can’t even imagine. There are certain complex situations in life which people are not… Continue Reading →

Tired – Poem

I’m tired of tryinghow far do i need to runand still end up where I began I wake up everydaywith a hope borrowed froma glorified past i used to live inimitating the old selfthat breathed griefand sweated fire Now there… Continue Reading →

I’m Losing Myself – Poem

I can’t afford to lose youso I’m losing myself I drop parts of mewhen I walk away from your placeparts that crave being cravedby yours The roads that I walkbreaks apartburying those partsinto the core of this planetso there is… Continue Reading →

Clouds And Cables – Picture

Note: This is a repost, so the text below won’t make much sense rn. Clouds and Cables, things which makes pictures on my blog complete. Isn’t it obvious for cables to be present when I click pictures of sky ?(Yet I’m pretending to be… Continue Reading →

Never Forget Your Past – Learn From It

Updated : 4 January 2020 Never forget your past, no matter how ugly it appears to you. Hello Everyone! The title of this article might sound little odd because it’s not something we hear often. Talking about past, we hear things like “Forget your past” , “Move… Continue Reading →

Awkward Silence – Poem

When we meetI don’t want it to beA fancy restaurant or noisy cafeI will fail to look inside your soulor hear your heart out Let’s meet somewhere on earthwith limitless sky or an endless Oceanin frontwith you & your words… Continue Reading →

Silent In The Trees – Picture

And that’s where I amsilent in the trees – Trees (Twenty One Pilots) Originally posted on 16th Jan 2020 Picture Credits: ©Accidental Blogger Camera : Motorola One Power Connect With Me On : Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook © 2021 Accidental Blogger All Rights Reserved

5 Types Of Memes I Hate To Look At

Have you spent a day without looking at a Meme? It’s quite impossible as memes are everywhere and we all love them. Every social media site is full of funny memes on every topic and they receive a huge amount… Continue Reading →

Farewell In Lockdown – Poem

Are we still getting a farewell ? A month ago, I had an ideato finally write about a placewhere I learnt the mostbeyond semicolons & curly bracesbut the place is lockednot sure if I can bid a final goodbyethe way I thought…. Continue Reading →

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