Fat to fit transformation 108 kg to 78 kg

April 19th 2018 , Finally I opened my gallery searched an old image & selected it for a Collage. Next I selected a recent picture with the same shirt on which was way too loose than older picture. And that’s it, I uploaded it on my Instagram with a caption ” Be somebody nobody thought you could be“. Then I waited for comments on My Fat Loss Journey. Though I was already proud of myself.

So this is what happened exactly a year ago. This picture is more than just a picture to me. Even more than just weight loss.

This transformation didn’t happen that quick. It took way longer than it should have. While there are people who have done amazing transformations in few months I took almost 3 whole years.

Still remember the day when my Engineering entrance exam was over & me with my brother went to gym same day. Next day we started working out.

Getting to know that I weighed more 100 Kg was too much to digest & I knew this is gonna take long. But I had belief that one day I’ll post a picture about my transformation. One day I’ll start wearing clothes which actually fits my body. One day I no longer care about how I looked to others.

As I already knew that it’s not going to be that easy , it really was not. Those 3 long years includes Me giving up on myself multiple times , losing hope, even quitting gym multiple times. If I hadn’t given up these many times ,i would have transformed way before than I did. But I still don’t mind my slow & steady progress.

The reason why this fat to fit transformation or fat loss journey is so close to my heart is because it made me meet a new version of myself. Someone who didn’t give up after failing so many times. Someone who kept getting up after falling so many times.

And the funny part is I still fail. I still give up & lose hope. Recently, I’ve gained weight which makes me feel worried sometimes. But the good thing is that I’m still trying my best & not giving up for any excuses.

I’ve been caught with a lot things lately. Or maybe I’ve just put pressure on myself by expecting too much from myself. That is why from last few months I’m consistently irregular at gym. But yeah, the good thing is I’m still trying to get back to routine after failing so many times. Hopefully , I’ll make it soon.

This is not to brag about myself or anything. Yesterday, when I was coming back from gym & thinking about the time exactly year ago , these were the thoughts going through mind. I was thinking how time has changed in a year. Like, I never thought that a year later that I’ll start writing & own a blog.

Life is unpredictable yet beautiful.

So this is it. Enough about my transformation journey. I was planning to post something different today but then writing about this day felt right & it all came from my heart.

Thank you for reading & Have an amazing day โค๏ธ

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