Off days makes me feel empty

It’s better when you have things to do
they keep you occupied
so you don’t get enough time
to travel back in time
visit those dark nights
embarrassing conversations
and your long lasting, loyal demons

Off day feels like a festival day that you used to enjoy back when things were simpler & prettier
But now all it brings is emptiness
Like a kid longing to play his favorite game
On a playground
With friends who found new ones to play with

So I now long for the busy days where there is not so much time left
Going way back or ahead in time isn’t feasible
Because you are already too heavy headed
To travel anywhere, even in your own head

On such days I don’t end up ranting  on notes app
About things I never said
About things that could have
Or should have
It’s peaceful that way
Much fulfilling than an off day

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