Obsessed All Over Again Poem

I won’t romanticize pain tonight
this isn’t a poem about a broken thing
a heart, a brain, a bone
or about the beauty of love
that doesn’t last (there isn’t any)

Let me write about the Band I’m obsessed all over again
Two boys,
I spin my head with one’s drums
and let my thoughts scream with other’s voice

3 years back I found hope
when I was losing myself
Music that no one else was listening
Keeping things to myself has always been my thing,
That’s how I became obsessed

Message man said,
“These lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand”
My young mental health had less experience with traumas
back then, but now
I do understand the lyrics (I try)

I screamed, you screamed
cause we both were terrified
of what’s around the corner
but then we sang a chorus in the forest
one that everybody knew

I sat in silence beside you
in your car
when your car radio was stolen
as I knew the violent side of being

Guns for hands was all I had in the midnight
when everyone else was asleep
“Don’t take it don’t take it”
is what my brain told me
that’s how I kept my promise to you

Ghost of her is someone
i wanted to be known to
but it only made me weak
when she let me be
a goner

I sleep in a room far too dark
for anyone stay around
with a ceiling fan and ideal hands
taking my life again

Darkness is all we have
in our hometown
with no sun and no one
and we have no way to find
what once was in our bones

We are broken people
our brains are sick
but that’s okay we can still sing to the sky
while everyone else can excuse us

I’m concerned about the people
who didn’t listen to anything else than
‘Heathens’ & ‘Stressed out’
I’ve higher level of concern for Ro, for the way tyler holds her
and Debby’s back
as josh jumped on it to stick a star
on the wall

Poem Description

First of all, I am not sure whether this is a poem or not. Except first three verses rest are inspired by multiple songs by Twenty one pilots.

Also, I’m not sure if this as a whole thing makes any sense. Because each verse is inspired by a song I was listening while writing this.

I’m listening to this band since last 3 years and I’m still obsessed. There are times when I don’t listen to them much. But I have always found my way back to them.

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The reason why I’m posting this is because this band has always inspired me and gave me hope. Also, this is the first thing I wrote after 15 days of break from writing.

Also, I’m not sure if I can take credits for this one as it’s all inspired by multiple songs.

If you wanna know why I’m obsessed with Twenty One Pilots, Read the article below :

Why I Am Obsessed With Twenty One Pilots (Will repost this soon)

Thank you for reading !

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