Not in a mood of life today
let’s try out death for once
Not the one that ends all
just the one which stops all for a while

Neither a single rhythm
from a favourite song
nor a gentle touch of
loved one can help tonight

Quietest corner of the home
runs behind, a monster
screaming like crazy
leaving no place to hide anywhere

Loveliest face takes the shape
and looks of the
deadly inner demons
who never lost a battle fought

Lost in nowhere
with no direction,
purpose or a sign
to walk, seek or follow

Escape is just a mirage
in this hell designed as if desert
Help is merely four lettered word
flew & lost with the wind

Better to call death tonight
to bury this reality deep down in the sand
for a day or two
give life another chance
from the nightmare of nothingness

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Poem Description

Nothingness poem talks about that empty feeling where nothing makes sense at all (Just like this poem).

Few weeks ago, I didn’t feel like doing anything. Literally nothing. Even the things which makes me feel better couldn’t help.

Even writing this was very hard that day. But I still did it anyway. Also, I almost finished reading a whole bookthat day.

This poem might not make much sense, but I’m still sharing it. Why? Because it’s good to read my thoughts when it was impossible to write them down or even think.

I hope you all are doing great in new year and sticking to your new year resolutions.

Thank you for reading !

[Reposted on 4th December 2020, Originally Posted On 11th January 2020]

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