Nobody is perfect applies to each person around you and not just to yourself.

There are so many things through which people go through that you can’t even imagine. There are certain complex situations in life which people are not comfortable sharing with anyone.

Just like you can’t tell/share a certain thing/situation with anyone, people around you have them too.

So when people act/talk in a way that you find disappointing, you can’t tell what’s the reason behind that. You need to stop expecting people to act/talk/treat you in a way that will please you.

The world doesn’t revolve around you or other people. In fact, it revolves around the freaking sun, you aren’t that.

The moment you feel that someone has disappointed you in some way, first remind yourself that you have been disappointing a lot of people without even realising it.

So it’s the stupidest thing to judge a person/relationship based on a few incidents where someone didn’t act in favour of you.

Like when your parent/partner/sibling returns from work/school and behaves in a way that hurts you, please understand that they might have been through something.

Because everyone goes through such situations. It’s so important to not react to other people without thinking about anything.

People often get disappointed with someone saying that “Xyz broke my trust”, “xyz has changed”,

Next time when someone says/does something that you find hurtful in some way, remind yourself that it’s not always about you.

They have their own reasons to act in that way, so do you. You too treat people harshly without realising when the fault is of someone else.

We all are imperfect. Every person, no matter how loving/kind/helpful, is going to disappoint you and so many others. So, stop expecting others to be the way you want.

Stop taking everything personally, no one is here to please you all the time. Not even the people with whom you live.

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