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Never Forget Your Past – Learn From It

(Updated : 4 January 2020)

Never forget your past, no matter how ugly it appears to you.

Hello Everyone! The title of this article might sound little odd because it’s not something we hear often. Talking about past, we hear things like “Forget your past” , “Move on from your past” , “Stop looking at your past” . And some positive things like “Focus on your present” , “Be in the present“, “Work for tomorrow“.

So why do I say “Never forget your past” ? Hopefully, you’ll get the answer till end of this article.

Never Forget Your Past

As you know from the title , we are going to talk about the past. We all have experienced Good/bad moments in our past & it has also shaped us in what we are right now, right?

Sometimes, it is really hard to handle a bad experience from past. It takes almost everything to get over that incident & sometimes we might even end up being frustrated.

So we search for advice , tips , tricks ,etc to get over past & to forget past. That’s alright but before doing that I need to tell you that “Don’t Forget Past”. Actually never forget it.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forget Your Past?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

  1. Past Has Your Mistakes : The reason why you want to forget your past is because it has something which you didn’t want to happen. And the one of the reason for it is You. Yes , you’ve done mistakes which resulted in something you didn’t want at all. That is why you should never try forget your past because that might also be like forgetting your own mistakes. You cannot correct your mistakes & improve if you decide to forget them in first place.
  2. Past Has Lessons For You : Past is the best teacher. Yes , our past teaches a lot. We all have experienced something in our past against our will. We all have did things which we regretted later. But those things can never be reversed or changed. That is why past has many lessons which tells us what we should not repeat & what we should do now.
  3. Past Is The Way To Future : If you decide to learn from your past mistakes & learn from all the past lessons then you surely have a bright future ahead. But if you decide to forget all the mistakes & not to learn from them then it will be hard to get a future you want. Unless you make mistakes, fail at things and disappoint yourself, you can’t understand the importance of working hard and believing yourself.

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Final Words

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The key to move on from past is that you must not forget it. Learn from the mistakes , take all the lessons it teaches & keep improving to have the future you want.
I hope now the title “Never forget your past” makes little sense now.

Share the best lesson you’ve learned from past in comment section below & I’ll share them on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading !

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    • You mean moving on from past? Yes , it is hard to move on. It takes time. We need to look back at our past & understand our own mistakes so that we can keep improving ourselves.

      Thank you for reading ❤️

      • But thanks for the entry ive got so much to learned. I am in my moving process but I must say in a few time I am finally moved on.🙂

        • That's great! Take it slow. You'll eventually move on :)
          Btw you've followed my wrong blog 😅

          • Ohw I am sorry hahah i dunno what ive been followed.🙂 Anyways do u recieve my email message?

          • Here's my new blog "".

            Yes , I've just replied to your email :)

  • Very true.
    Repeating a mistake from past is a bigger mistake than committing it for the first time.

  • Completely agree with what you have written. One should never forget their past because not repeating our mistakes is extremely important to become better versions of ourselves. Great post ❤

    • That's so true, Riya! We can't change what has happened but we can create a future we want.

      Thank you for reading ❤️

  • Wonderful words Sumi…
    Your present is based on your past which builds a beautiful future.
    But never allow your past to ruin a beautiful today which becomes tomorrow’s past.

  • Good post buddy!
    Your post is relevant because you talk about learning from past mistakes and building a solid future by rectifying the mistakes of past.
    But sometimes people cling on to their past memories so much that they end up ruining their present. That should also not happen.

    • This is so true & happening with a lot of people. We all need to take our past mistakes in a positive way.

      Thank you for appreciating 😊

  • I guess we mostly wish to forget our past because it’s so ugly and painful, we don’t want to imagine that something like that happened to us!

    The best lesson that I’ve learnt from the past is to not see the world through coloured glasses. One shouldn’t be so naive to believe whatever the other person says. Being careful is a must. Another lesson, virtual world is a trap. 😂

    Anyways, this is a very interesting post, Sumeet! Keep going. 💙

    • True that. No one wants to remember a painful past. But still it has the best lessons for us which are only way to improve ourselves.

      I've learnt the same lessons. We all have done this mistake of trusting people easily & later got hurt. But we have learned from it now, right? 😎

      Thank you ❤️😉

  • A good perspective on past☺
    The best thing I have learned is that no matter how good or bad any situation is, it will pass. Sometimes we think how good my life had been if I were on some other path, but later we realize, we are on this path for some reason and it is right for us. Most important is going on.

    • That is so relatable lesson. I've experienced same thing. That's why now I believe that everything happens for a reason & we don't need to try to change things which are not in our control.
      Thank you for sharing your lesson 😊❤️

  • Hi Accidental Blogger,

    Your post is great, you made some remarkable points here. Yes, your past is like a teacher you can always turn to for inspiration. However, I want to add that, inasmuch as looking at your past will help you learn from you mistakes, dwelling on your past will prevent you from making further process in life.

    • That's a very true point. You've to be cautious while handling your past. As you said there are chances that you might dwell on it . Hence you need look back at the mistakes & then move on after learning from them.
      Thank you for reading ❤️😊

    • Moss Clement,

      You make the obvious point that dwelling in your past will prevent you from making further process in life. However, denial of the past will do exactly the same thing. It works both ways. But you missed that part out.

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