People change.
they often do for a reason
meaningful ones
but I can’t
even with a million reasons to change

You start walking a different path one day
and then someone who walked all the ways
by your side, along those highs & lows
turns their back
all you can do is just keep walking
pretending they still have your back

Until one rainy day
clouds gathers over your head
in shapes congruent to the
smile of your lost friend
which fills your eyes with saline water

The sky casts a lighting spell
breaks you into pieces
that reflects a dark rainbow
shining inside your soul

Now you want to paint the rainbow again
with violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow , orange and red
but they all turned black & blurred
just like the memories of your lost one

So you stick those pieces all over your body
and run through the spells and
clouds that doesn’t excite you anymore
to a path where your backs turned

And there you see
The colors of your universe
where your earth bloomed with flowers no one ever saw and
the sky shined with clouds floating
like the lovers flying hand in hand
just the way you wanted

You take out a paintbrush
to paint the dark canvas of your soul
every colour picked turns into a world
with no skies or ground
no rain or flowers

The colors have changed
just like the people who once
rained in your universe
to bring the rainbows and
grow flowers
with colours you always dreamed of

Maybe you had a chance to change
I had a chance to change too
to go back to my world
or maybe crate a new one
like my lost friend
but I couldn’t
even with million reasons colored
with the colors of my Rainbow

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