You’re having a bad day , you had fight with someone , you are not feeling well .

That’s when you feel like you want to escape the reality be somewhere where you will be at peace , you will be happy .

We all feel this , don’t we?

And we all have our escapes from the reality . Be it Singing ,Dancing , Listening to a favourite song , Watching a movie , Going out ,etc .

Twenty one pilots : My Escape

Today I want to share with you all about my Escape from reality or you can say my problems .

Whenever I am feeling down ,having a bad day or even on good days too ,I listen to “Twenty one pilots” . Not sure how many of you have listened to their music .

From 2016 I’ve been listening to their music . The first song I heard was ” Heathens ” from “Suicide Squad” . I loved that song so much that I started looking for their other songs/albums .

I heard this song called “Car radio” & I hated it .I just didn’t understand the song . Like , it felt weird. But soon I started understanding the meaning behind that song. It was deep & I connected to it so much that “Car radio” became my favourite (Still my favourite song).

Who are Twenty one pilots?

Twenty one pilots is an american duo(band) originated from Ohio. Members of Twenty one pilots are Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun (Drummer).

It was started by Tyler in 2009 with old members named Nick Thomas & Chris Salih .

Twenty one pilots Albums :

1. Twenty one pilots (2009)

2. Regional At Best (2011)

3. Vessel (2013)

4. Blurryface (2015)

5. Trench (Releasing Oct 2018)

Why I’m obsessed with Tøp ?

I think the only reason I love their music so much is because I connect with them. Their music isn’t about Alcohol , girls ,sex ,love ,etc .

Their music is realistic. Tyler writes about his Depression ,insecurities , suicidal thoughts ,loneliness .

Twenty one pilots makes me feel human. They make me feel that ” It’s okay to be depressed ,sad ,alone ” . In life there are going to be bad times & it will get you down. But there is always a way to get through it . They motivate me to keep going & make me believe that “there’s always a way“.

The sun will rise again & we will try again – Truce ( Twenty one pilots)

My favourite lyrics of Tøp :

I think I’ll keep uploading as I love every song of Tøp.

So I’d suggest everyone to listen their music & if you like it then do pass on the songs❤

If any Tøp fan is reading , do comment your favourite song/lyrics 😉

And I will say that we should take a moment and hold it
And keep it frozen and know that life has a hopeful undertone – Migraine

Thank you for reading 🙂

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35 thoughts to “Music : My Escape

  • innervoice28

    Wonderful post amd great songs with meaningful lyrics …Thanks for sharing ✨

  • Samridhi

    Ride, stressed out and screen are my personal favourite songs from them 😊

    • Accidental Blogger

      Mine too ❤
      Actually I’ve so many favourites .
      Car radio , Kitchen sink, Screen, Doubt, Goner ,Jumpsuit ,Levitate , Nico & the niners .
      And so many more ❤😁

      • Samridhi

        Yes they are the ultimate stress buster😌♥️

        • Accidental Blogger

          Always .I can never get bored of their songs , no matter how many times i listen to their songs❤

  • Shantanu Baruah

    Yeah, I agree with you. My son also love this band. Lovely read

    • Accidental Blogger

      That’s great 🙂 You should listen to their music too
      So you & your son both can enjoy 😊❤

  • Thought for Change

    Nice I really did like Heathens

  • Maya Willemse

    Great post! Ah I can’t choose a favourite song but Car Radio is up there! I love the lyrics ‘Fight it, take the pain ignite’ (and the rest of that sentence haha)

    • Accidental Blogger

      Haha ,Yeah I love that too ❤
      Glad you liked the post 😊

  • Alisha

    Using music as escape? Count me in! Though I don’t have a “go to artist”, I usually listen according to what I’m feeling at that point of time.

    • Accidental Blogger

      Same here ❤ I don’t always listen to Tøp ,I listen other songs too . But I never get bored of listening to tøp no matter how many times I’ve heard that song .
      Thats their magic ✨

  • Pavan Athreyas

    Stressed out and Heathens! Wow!

    • Accidental Blogger

      Yes they are ❤
      Bro ,do listen Tøp’s old albums . You’ll love it

  • S. M. Metzler

    Awesome post! Trees, Fairly Local, Ride, and Nico and the Niners are my favorites. 😀 And their Jumpsuit video is epic!!!

    • Accidental Blogger

      Thank you 😊
      I love all this songs too ❤
      Yeah & levitate music video is great too🔥

  • Divya Krishnan

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Participation is optional. If you do choose to participate, can find all the details here:

  • penciledmargins

    Nice post about a great band. I enjoy Heavy Dirty Soul, and Ride. They are wonderful live too. Them and Meg Myers round out some of my talented favorites.


    Wonderful post amd great songs with meaningful lyrics

  • Riman Ray escape too.

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  • Kittyd8

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. I have nominated you for the 3 day Lyric challenge

    • Accidental Blogger

      Thank you so much for nominating me. I’ll post soon 🙂

  • domainofshane23

    Nice post. My favorite lyrics are “Blasphemy is just for me….can I understand you” and “for above is blind belief, and under’s sword to sleeve, and around is scientific miracle let’s pick above and see”

  • Jessi

    as you can tell by most of my posts about depression and suicide, i use TOP lyrics. You can say Im a fan as well 😛

    • Accidental Blogger

      That’s great ! I just checked few of your posts.
      Looking forward to

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  • bandito10059793

    car radio is legendary and I really love their self-titled album. I actually wrote an interpretation of before you start your day and my blog is twenty one pilots themed … I would love feedback 🙂 can’t believe i’m finding more skeleton clique frens!
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    • Accidental Blogger

      Yes , it is the BEST ! ❤️❤️
      Wow ! Glad to find a Tøp themed blog , I’ll check your blog in a bit.
      ||-// 💛💛💛


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