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Men – The Forgotten Gender – Poem

Men – The Forgotten Gender

Not all men
too many men
It’s 3:50 in the morning
and I can’t stop thinking about the handful of men who are still not considered trash yet

Few hours ago,
I read from a woman on a social media platform
“Men don’t voice out for their own gender like women do”
so, let me try it out
because I don’t know if anyone else will

Men – The forgotten gender
hanging themselves on their ceiling fans
with a rope of false accusations and
shame that even death can’t erase
from their names

I’ve seen men spending years behind the bars
losing jobs, parents and all the respect in so called society
which had already proven them guilty
with a proof of accuser belonging to a specific gender

I’ve seen men living with guilt for the hearts
they have never broken
getting shamed by the people who once they called friends
with an evidence made using an editing app on a smartphone

I’ve seen men suffer in silence
from the domestic & mental violence
because there’s no law to protect them
So, they are forced to continue living in hell
until one day they die
lying in a room flooded with blood

I’ve seen women being celebrated and applauded
for slapping men when they get betrayed or cheated on
I’ve also seen men who got humiliated on national television
for expecting loyalty from women

I’ve seen women hating men
using different acts as a form of a weapon
a way to unleash the rage
and to destroy Men & their families
to seek revenge for the ancestors who were oppressed years before they were born

I’ve seen women living with biases
writing long captions, updating stories
standing up for the victim
justifying & being defensive when

their own gender is found guilt
even with proofs

They say you don’t “voice out” for your own gender
Did you listen to the voice
of falsely accused and truly broken man
asking for his dignity back again
after being acquitted ?

Did you listen to the audio tapes
of women accepting hitting a man
chopping off his finger
destroying his career
by playing the victim card ?

No, you didn’t.

You assumed it happens rarely to Men
You blinded your own eyes even when the truth was poking your eyes
But all of a sudden you understood
every story has two sides

Men – The Forgotten Gender
I’ve something to say,
to the handful of you
who raise their voices for women being harassed, disrespected or abused
“I’m proud of you, we all are”.

But when will you stand up for your own brothers, fathers, uncles, friends, neighbours
who remains caged inside the cells
sometimes called homes
ashamed, afraid and unheard

Will you raise your voice now
or wait until it happens to your own
brother, father, friend
or yourself ?

Poem Description

This poem isn’t about Men Vs Women. Or a comparison between who suffers more.

It’s just the other side of the story. Like I’ve mentioned in the poem itself, I’m voicing out for my Gender.

Because men don’t do that usually, especially the ones who actually go through the suffering caused by women.

The topic was in my head since I wrote How do I tell you Mom“. I wanted to write something from men’s perspective as well.

But I couldn’t find the right words until few days back when I came across a Ted-Talk titled “Men – The Forgotten Gender|Deepika Bhardwaj“.

It disturbed me a lot & all I did after that was writing it down. And this took me almost a day and half to complete.

The poem has references to multiple recent and past cases about violence and injustice against men & their families.

I really hope that I was able to put out my thoughts clearly without any confusions.

Let me your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and do share it!

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  • Hats off, Sumeet. I'm in love with your words. Every story does have two sides✨

  • I feel that there are certain things that men are advantaged at,and at times they use it in a non acceptable way.
    But it doesn't mean that we start type casting all the men out there!
    And besides ,women have at times proven wrong the liberty granted to them, although it had been provided with the intention of bringing them into the mainstream.
    The thing is that just because of some acts of a group of fishes in a lake, we have started being judgemental about the lake itself😂😂.
    Nice work,though!💫✨

    • Or we could say that there are "humans" who acts in non acceptable ways ?

      No one has right to use their right as a weapon to destroy someone.

      Yes, degrading whole community is never the right thing to do. But that's a human tendency again.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your opinions 😊❤️

      • Certainly!
        Many a times, we just go to with what is being told and taught,but we lack an opinion.
        The moment we start considering it,it will light a spark of need and want for change!!✨✨

  • Being a girl or women u can't be always right and how u mentioned there r cases when the reverse of societal typology is happening, it is important to understand boys, men also cause they also have a heart and they r also vulnerable at times but due to this societal expectations they can't present their views there r case when the girl is not the victim but the boy is and it can be anything but living in this culture and being typecasted because of a few is very wrong indeed and this tells them that they should suppress their emotions which utterly wrong as u mentioned in ur poem some men stand for women and as a girl or women it is our duty to give them the support they need.

    • EXACTLY! I didn't say it in the poem but yes, women too need to stand for the injustice against Men. It's so rare to see it. And this fact was disturbing for a long time now.(It still does)

      Thank you for reading and sharing your valuable opinion❤️❤️🙌

  • This is why we have to break gender roles and expectations. Very powerful writing there.

    • True that, hope that happens soon. Thank you so much Joana ❤️❤️🙌

  • Words! This is nicely written and very true. There’s always two sides in a story and most of the times the story of the man is forgotten or not heard at all, sad but true. Enjoyed reading it ♥️

    Have a wonderful day!

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