Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune

That day the sky was just so blue
The clouds chased me
and brought back the memories
of 13 year old kid’s excitement & joy
when he with his friends looked at a stadium being built
from the top floor of their school

It’s the “Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune“.

This picture was taken on June 2017. And guess what? I was with the same friend with whom I used to watch this stadium from the top floor of our school.

I remember, I was so happy when I got to know that a stadium is being built at my place. And I could see it from my school everyday which was so exciting.

I have been a huge fan of cricket since a very long time. This stadium is just 5 Km away from my home.

The first (official) match I watched here was on 24th April 2012 (Yeah, I’m pretty good with dates). It was IPL match been Pune & Delhi. In total I’ve watched 3 cricket matches.

I wish to watch many more!

Also, the sky that day was just amazing.

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