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Memorable Week

I know, this isn’t the best sunset picture or whatever.

But what happened after this was truly memorable.

I clicked this picture before I went to college for the last day of our Cultural festival.

Last week was the best one in my entire graduation.

This was the last cultural festival of college as I’m in my final semester now. And it was totally most memorable.

So to you give an idea what this fest is, it lasts for a week. It has various competitions which includes Sports, Arts (I participated in Poetry exhibition) then Theme days and last two days of gathering.

Gathering consists of Skits, Dance & stunning performance, Ramp-walks & much more.

This being the last cultural fest, we (Me & my friends) enjoyed it to the fullest.

I haven’t danced this crazy as I did last few days. Even being a little sick couldn’t hold me back from dancing yesterday.

And I’m so glad that I’ve managed to capture few of these fun moments. I shot short videos of my friends dancing, performing and having fun.

I’m gonna keep all of these memories safe with me ❤️

Do you guys have any sweet memories from your Graduation? I would love to know them. Let me know in the comments.

Also, I miss writing. I’m not able to write anything even though I’ve topics in my mind.

My notes app is flooded with drafts of incomplete poems and I don’t know how to complete them.

I do have one complete poem which I’ll publish this Friday. And I’ll do my best to complete an article to publish on Monday.

So, see you soon with new posts.

Thank you for reading !

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