Inspired by masaan movie

While I lie down on a rocky ground
by the river of Ganga at banaras
A train approaches the bridge ahead of my sight
Which reverberates in rhythm of your poem
I failed to understand

Since the wheel of bus you traveled slipped
Into a deep valley
I’m trying to climb a mountain of never ending affliction
the last words you uttered still echoes in my ears
and Makes me fall once again

One moment we are floating in a boat ride
A trickling river disturbs peaceful awkward silence between us
And in the next one
All I see is ground painted in blood
Of my brain as
I collapse

I hear death whispering my name,
Call my soul out of this brainless body
For one last time my eyes wants to meet yours
Even if it’s in the torn print of
Your Facebook profile
crumpled in my pocket

Now I am floating high in the sky
Heading to a place where dead souls meet.
An orange balloon with a thread flies above
That I bought in the market
just because you did too

I grab it’s thread tight in my hand
whisper the words of your poetry
While the helium gas takes me to heights
where I see your red balloon held with
by a tiny hand

Oh it’s you!
I can see your eyes shying just like they did when I promised to fix all your troubles
You say, “I kept my words,
I’m here to run away with you”.
But here we fly together.

To A new universe,
Where river of love flows
balloons of every beautiful color
in this universe, flies all around
and we ride in a boat made of flowers
listening to poetry I could never understand

A Splash of water wakes me up
from this dream of magical universe
I’m lying down with fire, burnt woods
and ash of your body by my side

I stand numb with a regret hitting my skull harder than a stick
a regret of shouting at you when I could have hold you for the last time
a regret of not looking back when I left you alone in moonlight

Every single night
I am a traveller of that lonely and dark street
with lamps lit in my eyes
expecting to meet you at every diversion I come across

Poem Description

I recently watched this movie called Masaan by Neeraj Ghaywan.

It was released in 2015 but I never felt like watching it (Even though it was been highly praised).

When I finally watched it, I was stunned. I still keep thinking about every character of this movie and that’s how I wrote this piece.

And this is dedicated to only two of the characters from the movie. I wanted to include about all in this, but I couldn’t.

I hope you enjoy reading this one.

Also if you have any movie recommendations for me then comment them below.

[ Reposted on 28th November, 16th February 2020]

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