Hello Everyone!

Lets start with few questions .

When was the last time you did something to make yourself happy?

When was the last time you made yourself proud?

When was the last time when you were happy with yourself?

I know , you find it hard to remember. Because we often focus on pleasing others or taking care of others. Actually we are taught to please others from our childhood. There are many people who are trying to please others & expecting others to do same for them.

No one has ever taught us to love our self. If we did then it is termed as an act of selfishness. We have been taught selfishness is a bad quality.

Intent behind writing this blog is to make you a selfish person(Don’t worry ,I will try to make you Good selfish).

Why Make Yourself Happy ?

We humans are too busy in pleasing people around us , seeking attention & validation from others to be happy. But do we really need others to be happy?

A big fat NO, You can be happy by yourself. It sounds hard ,doesn’t it?

We spend too much of our energy in pleasing others ,seeking attention & validation from others ( Yeah , I’m typing the same again & again). This same energy we can use to do something for our self. Something which will be beneficial for our personal growth.

There is something which we want to do , which makes happy .But we fail to identify that thing. Because we never ask our self about what makes us happy.

When we are busy doing things to make others happy we are wasting our precious time. We are depending on that person to be happy. Other people will be responsible for your happiness.

But Why to depend on others for your happiness ?

Why to give key to your happiness to others?

Instead try to be happy with yourself. Depend on your self to be happy. Because there is no one else who knows what you want & what makes happy than YOU.

How To Start ?

  1. Ask : First thing you need to do is Ask yourself “What makes me happy?”, “What is that one thing I always wanted to do but never tried ?” , “What makes me proud of myself?”. It can be anything like Scoring an A in your college , Spending time with your Family ,Staying healthy ,Working out every morning ,etc.
  2. Take action : When you know what makes you happy ,start taking action towards it. Work hard on it. Make time for it. We often complain about not having time to do the things we want to. STOP COMPLAINING RIGHT NOW. If you really want to do something , you’ll find time for it. Ask yourself “How do I spend my day ?” “How much time do I waste in doing something which isn’t helping you grow in any aspect?” When you honestly answer you’ll find where you are wasting your time.
  3. Be Consistent : Consistency is key to perfection. Without constant efforts you will never be able to succeed. Nothing can be achieved over a night or a month or a year. You’ve to put efforts daily & do better than previous day. It will be hard at the beginning as you are changing yourself. But with time you’ll develop habit of working everyday. And you’ll reach the point where one day off from that thing will make disappointed & sad.
  4. Take Breaks : Don’t take 3rd one too seriously. You are a Human. You don’t need to drain your energy daily. So don’t get too much motivated to do something. Take breaks . Go out for a small vacation with your family/friends. Go watch the movie you love. Reward yourself with things you love.

Final Words :

I hope from this moment you’ll start asking yourself about what makes you happy & start taking action towards it.

I hope you stop pleasing others & seeking attention from others( once again) & start pleasing yourself and giving your full attention to yourself.

You become the solution for you. Don’t point to another
person and say, “Now you owe me and you need to give me
more.” Instead, give more to yourself. Take time off to give to
yourself, and in a sense to fill yourself up to fullness, to where
now you can overflow in giving. – The Secret

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Have A Great Day ! ❀

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