love happens poem by accidental blogger

Love happens unexpectedly
in mysterious ways

Like on an overcast day
when the summer is about to end
and the soil invites you to get buried
in its nostalgic fragrance

You’ve always hated the rain
for all those muddy roads and wet clothes
but this time raindrops hit different
you smile looking at the haunting clouds
and take a picture with your phone

Just when you thought of drying up your wet clothes
winter arrives freezing your bones
you find yourself lying on a bed
with a person you met this rainy season
curling up in a blanket
so warm

Your thoughts holds onto theirs
while souls make love
minds connect spiritually
and you two
lie together smiling at a ceiling
With a broken fan

The sun rises from the east
peeking through a creaking window into your eyes
It’s summer !
you’re lying alone in sweat
wondering if the winter was just a dream?
or was it your broken fan?

Well, maybe
Love ends unexpectedly
in mysterious ways
just like this poem

Poem Description

Love just happens. Does this poem even need a description ?

Started this one as a quote then ended up extending it by relating love with seasons. It was an unexpected poem.

I haven’t written any poem for last 2 weeks. Also, struggling to write this description.

Hopefully I’ll manage to keep posting without any breaks again.

What do you think of this poem ? Let me know the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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