At 3 am Midnight
I woke up with a beep
My phone was reminding me of
the night we cried together 2 years ago

The night when you realised
what I had for you was more than
just an infatuation or
just a crush out of desperation

But it’s not the only one of the
reminders I get about you
There hasn’t been a single day
without little reminders of you

Morning prayer in a mosque nearby
Pleasing moon in the blue night
The last song on my playlist
never let me run away from your memories

That one movie which we couldn’t watch together,
one song which we couldn’t stop listening together,
one picture we couldn’t stop looking at,
one night we couldn’t stop talking to each other.

The smile of a little kid in the neighborhood,
colour of the grass matching your ring,
empty folder of your pictures in my gallery,
pillow whom I hugged pretending to be you.

All of these tiny little things around me
Innumerable feelings and sensations inside my heart and my body
refuse to stop reminding me of you,
of us.

Poem Description

Little Reminders Of You is a poem inspired by a prompt by Azraa from Azraarizvi Blog.

She has recently started a series of “Weekend Prompts” based on which you can write A poem, story, letter, prose, or anything.

This is my first ever attempt to write something from a prompt. And I would love to write more with the help of such prompts in future.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feelings about the poem in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

[Reposted on 20th November 2020, Originally posted on 19th August 2019]

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