Little Fluffy Clouds In The Sky Picture

Little fluffy clouds in the sky

Hello Everyone! I welcome you all on this Wordless Wednesday with a new picture of Fluffy clouds in the sky.

Well, you probably know how obsessed I’m with Clouds and sky ! That’s the reason why my blog is full of pictures of Clouds and sky all the time. So, I won’t be talking about it again.

So, I clicked this picture a week ago when I went to my friends’ hostel for studying because the next day was our oral exam. As usual we were going to start studying at night, so first we chose to play pool for some time. And that’s where I’ve clicked this picture.

The exam day started on a terrible note as our project couldn’t run. So we had run here & there to find a new one. Anyway, at the end exam went great. But the chaos it created at the beginning was truly memorable.

If you guys have any similar crazy exam story, let me know in the comments section. Also tell me your thoughts on this picture of cute little fluffy clouds in the sky.

Also, to all my Indian friends, I hope you just had amazing Diwali. Share your experiences and stories of Diwali 2019 below.

Thank you for reading!

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