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I’ve been nominated for Liebster award by Bharath Sir ( Sorry “Sir”).

Thank you so much Bro. If you haven’t read his blog yet then do it right now. He has really great content & a friendly person.

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1.What do you think happens after death?

Ans : Family & friends cry for some period then they move on.

2.What’s your favorite sport?

Ans: Cricket

3.What would you say to your 18 year old self? (Considering that you’re above 18, if not then choose whichever age you want to)

Ans : “Stop looking for love, you fool. Start focusing on your studies.”

4.Are you an insomniac? If yes, what keeps you up at night?

Ans: I used to be. Now I’m single.

5.Do you think introverts are better thinkers than extroverts?

Ans: Well , I’m an introvert and I’m a deep thinker. Always lost in my own world.

I think introverts are naturally deep thinkers. But Extroverts can be deep thinkers too.

So I don’t think any one of them is better thinker than other.

6.How would you prioritise the following (beginning from the thing that tops the list to the one that comes last) : Money – Family – Career – Love– Friends.

Ans: Family-Career-Love-Friends-Money ( This might change with time)

7.Narrate any incident that you’ll never forget

Ans : July 2017- June 2018. The whole year was full of ups & downs for me. I’ve learnt a lot from this one year.

I’ve experienced almost every feeling in this year. ( Failure ,Depression , Love , Success , Heartbreak ,Happiness)

8.What’s your unpopular opinion?

Ans: For me A true Worshiper is someone who tries to acquire the qualities of God he/she worships. Not the one who visits temple/church/mosques daily or do fasts.

9.What’s your MBTI personality type? (In case you haven’t taken the test, you can do it here)

Ans: INFJ. Is that good thing or what?

10.Define adolescence in one word based on your experience.

Ans: Awkward.

Thank you for reading😀

My Nominees

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Questions :

I’d like to retain above questions 😉

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