Hello Everyone !

Last week I wrote a Blog called Lets Talkwhere I got to talk to you people & got to know more about you. It helped me making new friends. So I thought why not to do this chat post one more time. πŸ˜‰

But today I want this talk to be different from previous one. Today I want everyone of you to write about your Weaknesses.

Why Weaknesses ?

I want this talk session not to be just a fun session but something which will help us to grow.

We often ignore our weaknesses ,fears & insecurities. But these are the things which we need to focus & take action to overcome.

Overcoming our own weaknesses ,fears ,etc requires Identification ,Planning & Constant efforts.

So anyone who’s reading this right now write what are your weaknesses ,fears ,insecurities ,anything. And describe how you are trying to overcome them.

Also I want everyone to participate in this talk session & help each other by advising each other on overcoming others weaknesses.

My weaknesses : Communication skills, Self confidence .

I’m trying to open up to new people & new experiences to improve my communication skills. While for self confidence I’m working on things which makes me feel more confident.

I’d love to get more tips which will help me overcoming my weaknesses.

What are you waiting for , start talking.

Let’s Grow Together !

Hello , If there’s anyone who wants to talk about anything , who wants someone to talk their heart out can contact me .

I’ll be happy to talk with you about anything .

You can contact me here Click here.

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