Lasi night I saw a dream- poem

Picture credits- Tushar Wagge

Last night I saw a dream..

I saw us

We were sitting at a beach

Me with a guitar

& You with your cutest smile

As we looked at waves coming back & forth

I started playing your favourite song

And you rested your head on my shoulder

Then you started kissing me

on cheeks , nose, ear

Just like you always try to annoy me

And I act like being annoyed

But in fact, I loved getting annoyed by you

I stopped playing & hugged you tight

Placed my head in your lap

You moved your fingers through my hair

& I kept looking in your eyes

Isn’t this the dream which we dreamt all the time?

Hello Everyone! This is something new I tried for the very first time. Last Night I Saw A Dream is not the usual poem I write where I repeat a simple phrase throughout the poem.

So, do let me know if I should write more of this or not in comments below.

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