Ok , So I’m not gonna start this one with usual question if you’re addicted to your phone or not.

Why? Because I know everyone is addicted.

Oh ,now you’ll be like “No , I’m not addicted”. Trust me, you’ll believe it at the end of this blog.

(Yes , there might be rare exceptions though)

Let’s go straight to killing your addiction.

Last month, before my practical exams I realized that I’m wasting too much time on my phone. So I googled ways to get over it & I found a really great app “Digital Detox”.

(Important: I’m not advertising the app)

What is Digital Detox?

Digital detox is an android app which challenges you to take a break from your phone & invest that time in some productive work.

Let’s look at the app first

Let me explain this first.

Here are four levels shown

  • Easy (2 Hrs)
  • Medium(8 Hrs)
  • Hard (A day)
  • Grand Master (2 Days)

The Rules

  1. First, you gotta select the level of your detox challenge.
  2. Once you start the detox challenge you can’t use your phone until time is up.
  3. Don’t worry, in case of emergency you have an option “Emergency use (5 min)”.
  4. Important – You only get limited emergency uses according to the duration of your detox challenge. So use it wisely.
  5. In case you want to leave the challenge after using maximum emergency usage then you’ll have to pay some bucks for it.
  6. Don’t worry, I got a trick not to lose your money. Do not use all your emergency uses.When you want to leave the challenge in the middle, just click on emergency use & uninstall the app. Boom.
  7. You get points as per the duration of the challenge.

Benefits of Digital Detox

  1. Awareness about mobile addiction– This app makes you realize how addicted you’re to your phone.
  2. Rewards – You get rewarded with points as you complete the challenge.
  3. Increases Productivity – This is the best thing about this app. While the challenge is going on if you try to check your phone you’ll see something like this :

Yes, You can !

Are you?

This is deep

These are really great reminders to do more important work than checking your phone unnecessarily.

My Digital Detox Challenge

I’m challenging each one of you reading this right now to try this app & start with 30 Minutes Detox challenge.

I know you’re thinking that you don’t need to try this out because you aren’t addicted. Well, I thought same too. But when I tried it for the first time for 30 minutes , then I realized how many times I checked my phone unnecessarily.

So, Do try this out once. It’s just a 3Mb app so won’t cost your data much.

Whoever wants to participate in this needs to send me their digital detox score after 3 days (Saturday) on my Instagram page (Click here).

I’ll announce the winner on Sunday.

Prize for the Winner

But what is the prize right? The winner of my challenge will get a shoutout from me on my blog & I’ll sharing my top 3 favourite posts of you on my blog.

Do Participate

I’m really looking forward for this fun challenge. I hope many are going to participate in this challenge & get most benefit of Digital Detox Challenge

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