kau ban mosque, Taj mahal

Kau ban Mosque, Taj Mahal

Kau ban Mosque lies at left side of Taj Mahal in Agra. It is an ornate red sandstone Mosque which is an integral part of the Wonder Taj Mahal.

The mosque makes the Taj Mahal symmetric an appealing to look at. Also it adds more calmness to the beauty of Taj.

In December 2018, On a college trip I visited Taj. Being an addict of clicking pictures of almost everything I find interesting, I have clicked many pictures at this place. Especially this one is one of my favourite pictures. Addition of setting sun on the mosque makes it look even better.

I have already posted pictures of Taj Mahal earlier , if you haven’t checked them out yet, Click here.

Have you visited Taj Mahal? If yes, share your experiences, feelings and thoughts about it in comment section below.

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