It’s time

It’s time to stop looking back

It’s time to stop doubting yourself

It’s time to stop thinking what went wrong

It’s time to start doing what’s right

It’s time to do your best

It’s time to show what you can

It’s time to put all your efforts

It’s time to apply the knowledge you gained in your low time

It’s time to prove yourself , Not to anyone but you

It’s time to set an example for yourself

It’s time to gain back the lost confidence

It’s time to step towards a better self

It’s time to step towards a better life

It’s time !



Hey , guys ! This is something new I tried yesterday to motivate myself. As my exams are due next month ,I wanted to write something to push myself further & do my best.

I really hope this motivates you to do your best for yourself.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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