Hey Everyone!

This is not a regular Article/Picture/Poem on my blog. I know, I have stopped interacting with people here on WordPress. But, right now I really need some serious help from you all.

Lately, I’ve been feeling awkward to promote my blog posts on Social Media i.e. Instagram/WhatsApp/Twitter. I feel like I’m annoying people with constant updates about my Blog posts.

Since I started this Blog, I have always been awkward to share my Blog with people I know. Now many do know about my blog and I was getting okay with it.

But this awkwardness has hit me again. This is also the reason why I didn’t post anything new this week.

If you have also experienced this then I would appreciate some help on dealing with this awkwardness.

Hope to hear from you all !

Ps: I might delete this post if it gets too awkward.