It's been more than a year

It’s been more than a year

still sometimes it feels like yesterday.

A lot of things have changed in this time,

only thing which didn’t change is

the void created after we parted our ways.

I thought, it will get filled as time passes

sadly it’s still there.

Maybe it will be there with me always

Like a part of myself & I don’t mind that.

Now ,I don’t run away from things which reminds me of you

I don’t try to stop thinking about you

I don’t try to move on from you

No, past memories doesn’t me make sad anymore.

No, I’m not still stuck on you.

I’ve accepted that you’ll be a part of me

No matter how hard I try it will always stay with me.

It’s been more than a year now,

do I cross your mind too?

can you feel that void too?.

Am I still a part of yours?

Ps: I’m doing great , Thank you 😊

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