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From last few weeks this thought has been going on my mind. Everyday I keep observing people getting obsessed with love & relationships.

So I thought why not write an article on this topic.

Lets start!

People this days perceive love/relationships as the most important & essential thing in Life.

Why I feel Love is Overrated ? You’ll get my point when you finish reading this post.

What Do I Mean By Love Is Overrated?

Love is overrated meaning

When I say that love/relationships is overrated what I mean is the way these things have been portrayed is misleading in so many ways.

Whether it is books or movies or music, they all love look like the only important thing in your life. Even though they don’t it directly but somehow makes us believe that love is the only thing that can fulfill your life. And it’s such a toxic thought to believe in.

I’m not against love or the beauty of it. The idea of romantic love has been romanticised so much that people pretends to be in love. Because they feel like they are missing out by not being in a relationship. Being single is considered as an uncool thing in this generation.

So many of youngsters confuses infatuation and physical attarctions as love and once they actually get into a relationship, they can’t handle it. This is the reason why most teen relationships ends horribly.

Who Made Love Overrated?

1. Movies

Movies or Web series puts great impact on its viewers. Whatever we watch in Movies we often tend to believe in it. Also we want things shown in it to happen with us. We love watching Romantic movies.

If you are an Indian then Congrats , you will find a love story in ever genre of movies. What’s wrong with love stories is Love is shown as the one & only end goal. Love is glorified as the most purest & important thing in life.

So most of the indian kids grow up with a fantasy of bollywood type love story to happen in their real life.

2. Ads

Not only movies now a days in Advertisements also you can find a love story.

For eg: By using A perfume you’ll get a girlfriend. What?

Can you see what’s happening here ? They know how to fool people by showing a little love story in their ads. You see that? We are literally bombarded with these fake love stories everywhere.

Even if someone is living a happy single life will end up questioning themselves if they are missing out on something by not being in a romantic relationship.

3. Social Media

Source: Google

Source: Google

You must have seen this kind of quotes on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Social media has made Relationship as a status symbol. If you are single then you are often understood as Unattractive ,Uninteresting & Uncool.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Love

Old couple

1. Movies aren’t real

As I said earlier in movies, the only goal actor has in a movie is to marry the girl. For this he does everything he can. He fights, gets beaten by gangsters, kills people with one kick, gifts moon to his love ( Too much here).

Guys please understand this isn’t real. By watching this kind of things in movies , people imitate the actor in real life. When they get into a relationship they start doing everything they can just to make other person happy. In this they lose their self worth , self respect & everything they have.

2. You Don’t Need Anyone To Complete Youย 

It Takes A Million People To Complete The World, But It only Takes One To Complete Mine (Source: Google)

Yes , you’ve read it before. This is the most stupid misconception we have. Nobody can make you complete but You. You were born as an individual.

You were born as a complete person. You didn’t need anyone else to complete you. So, stop obsessing over thought of finding someone to complete you.

3. Your Personal Goals Are Important

People tend to lose their focus from their goals once they get into relationship. They make their relationship as one & only goal. And starts believing that only thing they need in life is Love.

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No , I’m not against love. I’m against the wrong idea of love. Making sacrifices for your love is needed but while doing this never let your own life get affected. Never stop chasing your personal goals.

Stop waiting for someone to come in your life & make you happy. There are many single people out there who feels insecure ,inferior & sad just because they are single.

Every single guy/girl reading this ,stop looking for love. Use this time in improving yourself. Start working on your goals. Enjoy life to the fullest & keep working on yourself.

Final Words On Is Love Overrated

Hopefully now you know why I feel love is overrated.

I want to make it clear that , I’m not against Love/Relationships. I’m against the wrong ideology about relationships & love.

Because there are many examples of people ruining their own life due to these misconceptions about Love.

So guys , love by keeping your eyes open.

Love as hard as can & start with “Yourself”.

Thank you for reading !

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