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How can experience help you live a fulfilled life?

You Might’ve heard all those success gurus say, “Finding your passion and living it is the key.”
All great people often say that they’ve come so far because of the Zeal that’s there deep inside them, caused by desire to live their passion everyday. These people are always happy, they can overcome any struggle, any obstacle, as long as they get to do what they love.

But here’s the thing. Those people, who find their passion, live it and are successful because of this, are a minority. You don’t find every other person becoming Gary Vaynerchuk, elon musk Mukesh Ambani or jay shetty

Why though?

Why are there so less percentage of these people?

Why can’t we create our own brand, our own identity like them?

If you even remotely think that you don’t have the same potential or the same zeal to live every moment of your live happily and to the fullest then you are incredibly wrong!
All of us have it in us you know. The zeal, the shining eyes, the ability to create our own brand. We all have it in us. But you won’t believe me if I don’t explain, So let me elaborate.

The drive and intrinsic motivation, the shining eyes, it’s always there in all of us. It just has been diminished with time.
If you don’t believe me then check out some old photos or videos or yourself as a kid. See how you were always so curious, so excited and so easily impressed by the smallest of gestures.
Somehow, as we all grew up, our motivation to learn about everything, our curiosity, our excitement started shrinking. It no longer excites us to learn why the sky is blue, we no longer squeal and clap looking in the mirror at ourselves.
We have somehow started to live a very monotonous life.

You’ll ask,

“How is living a monotonous life related to being successful and finding our passion?”

Well you see, since most of us don’t have our passions figured out, and aren’t as lucky as the ‘successful’ people, we have no choice but to wait. We try desperately hard to discover it right? We go to seminars, attend useful webinars and go for career counseling. But in the end, we always have second thoughts. Even after our counselors have helped us pick up a career which is our perfect fit, we doubt it.

We always think,

“Is this it?”

“Is this really my passion?”

“What If I made a wrong choice?”.

Now I’m not saying career counseling doesn’t work. It works for some people but for most people, all it does is guides us towards a career which is fit for our aptitude and personality.
I know this because I’ve experienced this as well. I’ve had second thoughts too, and felt the burden of uncertainty hover over my head.

But I soon realized that everything happens according to it’s own pace. The day you will get a job need not be the day your friend will find one too. Similarly, the day you find your passion need not be the day your peers find it. They might find it before or after you. All of this, our whole life, it all depends on Our clock.
So I accepted my this fact with resignation and was sad for a while. I soon got impatient too. Even though I’m young, I feel like I need to have it all figured out.
But that’s the thing about millennials right? We want it ALL and QUICK.
What I did realise was that I can’t mop around and feel depressed all the time.

We need to understand that we’ve all got this one life and we must make the best out of it. Blaming God and your destiny won’t get you anywhere in life. It will only make matters worse and make your life miserable by making every day feel like a burden and every good moment feel like a rare occurrence

So what should you do?

The only way of feeling happy in such a situation is, trying different stuff. Honing your skills, learning something new everyday! No matter what job you do, if you’re feeling even slightly unfulfilled or unhappy with it but can’t leave the job because of the money it offers, then this is a must for you.

You don’t want to say ‘I wish I did this’ or ‘I wish I didn’t hesitate back then‘ on your death bed.
When you die, you want to be able to look back and say, “whoa! Now that was a roller coaster journey!”

Don’t always expect to have a pre-planned and happily ever after ending. Life is as uneven as the surface of those beautiful mountains we admire. But just as we are awed by the beauty of those mountain, we must take a step back and reflect back on all our decisions and their outcomes. We must look back and accept the life we’ve created.

It’s OUR life which we weaved by our very own thoughts. Failing a bit and having to face ups and downs should be something to be awed and fascinated about, not something to regret about.

Let yourself loose. Try and gain experience not perfection, for perfection will not make you, YOU. You are defined by your flaws. Let them be, if you genuinely want to improve it because of your personal dissatisfaction then that’s a different thing but if you wanna change it because your parents, relatives, friends, spouse think so, then you are really changing your identity. I think individuality is what most of us seek and if we become someone we’re not just because we wanna impress someone or prove ourselves from someone, then we’re in for a huge loss.

So experience every freaking thing. From traveling, to hiking, to trying different jobs to see which suits you best. All of it will shape you to be a person you’ve always dreamt to be, without being a perfectionist. And, if you’re lucky, you might even find your passion in the process of developing yourself and tasting the different flavours life has to offer.

Living your life to the fullest might not provide the same happiness as that, which you get while living your passion. But it sure as hell will make you feel fulfilled and contented because the varying experiences you face over the course of time will make you a bolder person, a better human and will help build an awesome personality.

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