I'm losing myself poem

I can’t afford to lose you
so I’m losing myself

I drop parts of me
when I walk away from your place
parts that crave being craved
by yours

The roads that I walk
breaks apart
burying those parts
into the core of this planet
so there is no sign of me
that reminds of you

The words that I write
evaporates from the pages
turn into dark clouds
which never rain

In the nights
I can’t sleep
when nightmares crawl up on my bed
I open the windows of my room
to let my thoughts of you
fly away

Then I wake up with a lighter head
Mirror asks where are the missing parts
but I can barely answer
with my hollow throat
missing vocal cords

I’m too tired to go on
I’m losing my mind right now
I lose me
more than you

Poem Description

We often talk about losing people in life but I think we lose ourselves when someone leaves.

You can just look around and find so many people who changed after a loss of someone. People become the ones who hurt them and then never come back to being their true selves.

And when I say people it includes me, you and each one of us.

Anyway, sorry for disappearing for a week. I do have poems written in my drafts but all of them are incomplete. Somehow managed to complete this yesterday. (Pray for incomplete my poems)

Thank you for reading!

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