Do you believe ill health begins in the mind ?

Are health issues related with mind?

I think, yes. I do believe mind is where the ill health begins. Why? Read this article till the end to know.

Ill health begins in the mind - 3 ways to take care of your mind

Hello Everyone! Finally, I’m writing a new article on my blog. Actually this topic was allotted to me for Verbal Presentation at my English class. I liked the topic & wanted to say more about it. So here i am.

As usual we will go step by step to understand the title of this article.

What Is The Meaning of Ill Health ?

Meaning of Ill health

Ill health in short is being sick. A person having health issues, minor or major, like Headache, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, etc can be said to have an ill health. These all are commonly observed diseases with many people around us.

You might think all of the mentioned diseases originates with physical action, habits, changes,etc.

But wait…

Diseases Which Begins In The Mind

Before getting to know how an ill health begins in the mind, let’s look at few examples of diseases which originates with mind.

1. Mental Health Diseases

Mental Health Diseases

  • Depression – A common disease which begins with the mind. In short, depression is a mental health disease in which the person experiences constant sadness, lack of interest in daily activities, loneliness, etc. Depression can cause due to various reasons but it is mainly associated with the mind.

More examples of diseases which begins with mind includes Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, etc.

All of these mental health diseases starts with mind. Be it due Overthinking, Trauma, Fear or Major loss. It always starts in the mind and affects very badly on physical health as well.

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2. Addictions


We often say that a person is addicted to consuming Alcohol or Tobacco, etc. But if you observe deeply, that person is actually addicted to the feelings & sensations which are produced when it’s getting consumed.

So, an addict actually craves for that feeling or sensation and the happy brain chemicals. For ex: Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, etc.

We all are aware about the deadly heath issues faced by such addicts. And we can conclude that such issues are actually originated from mind.

Examples of addictions : Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, etc.

3. Common Health Problems

Common health problems

Many common health problems from serious ones like Diabetes, Heart diseases to common ones like cold, headache also begins with mind.

What I mean by begins with mind here is Stress. Extreme Stress be it due to Workload, studies, relationships or any other stressful thing can affect one’s physical health badly.

And it’s proven by researchers that serious health diseases like Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, etc are caused due to stress. Stress weakens the immune system and makes one sick with Cold, Fever, Headache, etc.

Why does mind affect physical health

1. We Are Thinking All The Time

Ill health begins with Overthinking

Literally, all the time. Even when you’re reading this you’re thinking about a lot of things. You are feeling different sensations and emotions right now.

And this is not only affecting on your mind but also your body. Each day we are thinking around 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts. These includes good thoughts, bad thoughts, past thoughts, future thoughts, etc.

All these thoughts affects in many ways on your body by Stress, Fear, Sadness, loneliness, etc. This is how many common yet dangerous health problems can arise.

2. We Are Having Different Experiences

Effects of different experiences on mind

Just like thinking, we are also experiencing a lot of different things on a daily basis. Good experiences, bad experiences both have a strong impact on one’s mind. It shapes a person’s behaviour, way of thinking, opinions, etc.

All these experiences affects our mind and further body in both good and bad way. Even if it seems like affecting only on mental level, it has effects on physical level as well.

For example: After a bad experience like loss of someone close will affect badly on mind. Slowly this will also be observed on physical health of that person.

3. We Are Reacting To Everything

Reactions to situations

Basically, this point is result of previous points of thoughts and experiences. Just like we are thinking thousands of thoughts and having many experiences, we are also reacting to all of them.

We are more of reactive in nature. So we react to all of our thoughts, experiences and situations. These reactions are sometimes so strong that it can harm us. Again, first on mental level and later on physical.

For example: After experiencing a bad day, a person keeps thinking about it over & over again. Later, this can lead to Headache, High blood pressure,etc.

You saw how that person’s reaction to a bad day affected his health?

Hope you’ve got the whole point of why the mind has strong impact and effects on physical health.

Now, let’s look at some simple ways you can avoid your mind affecting on physical health

How To Take Care Of Your Mind

1. Include A Spiritual Activity In Your Daily Routine

How to take care of your mind

Having a Spiritual activity in your daily routine will help you to deal with negativity in better way. It will relax your mind and make you feel happier.

This spiritual activity can differ from person to person. I have always been suggesting about Meditation on my blog. But it isn’t applicable for everyone. So, you can try out other activities as well.

For example: Prayers, Yoga or similar practices, Chanting, Reading, etc.

2. Spend Time With Yourself

Spend time with yourself

How much time do you spend with yourself ?

No, not with you & your smartphone. Just you.

Most of us don’t. It’s important because it’s like taking a break from everything. Spending time alone with yourself will help you to understand your life, your mind and yourself better. In this state of solitude you can find solutions to your problems easily.

Daily I spend around 30-35 minutes with myself. I go to terrace every night after dinner & just walk around. It helps me to relax myself and understand what is going inside and around my life.

If you want to read more about why you need to spend time with yourself, read this : Spend Time With Yourself

3. Learn To Accept Things As They Are

Learn to accept

Learn to accept things, situations and people around you as they are. In life, you’ll come across many things, situations and people whom you can’t change. No matter how hard you try, they still stay same.

No amount of complaining and blaming will help you change anything or anyone around you. It will only leave you more frustrated.

But when you accept it without complaining, you will actually find a solution to your problem. Hence, you must learn acceptance and practice it. This will surely keep your mind in peaceful state.

Final Words

Well, I’m no expert/professional in Health or Mental Health problems. But this connection of mind with body is something which I’ve observed in past few years. I learnt this when I did Vipassana meditation course and by observing my own mind as well as body.

This topic was given to me for Verbal presentation at class and I really liked talking about it. Also, I was looking for a new topic to make comeback on my blog after the break. So, I chose to share my thoughts on this.

I would love to know your opinions/thoughts on this Mind body connection. Do you agree that Ill health begins in the mind? Let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for reading!

[Repost: 25/10/2020] 

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