If you really – Poem

If you really – Poem

If you really - poem

If you really knew me,

You wouldn’t have doubted.

If you really valued me,

You wouldn’t have complained.

If you really understood me,

You wouldn’t have questioned.

If you really saw my efforts,

You wouldn’t have blamed.

If you really cared,

You wouldn’t have ignored.

If you really were my best friend,

You wouldn’t have replaced.

If you really loved me,

You wouldn’t have left me alone.

…But you didn’t !

Ps: This poem is not intended to blame a particular person. I always accept my own mistakes before pointing at someone else. This is just from perspective of a single person.

Which was the most relatable line to you from this poem? Comment them below ⤵️

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66 thoughts on “If you really – Poem

  1. Woahh! This poem is a reality check for me! There were so many lines that struck my heart but the first two ones were so strong, OMG! I tend to doubt people at times, which shows I don’t trust them enough. 😔 Thankyou for writing this poem. It’s very deep. Also, I hope you’re okay, cause this poems says otherwise. 😬

  2. Beautifully expressed. I loved all of them..
    I loved the line
    “If you really cared, you wouldn’t have ignored”
    This is so relatable..all of them specially this line..Great job.. Hats off👏👏

  3. Great work Sumeet but I’d like to disagree with what you said. I understand where you are coming from when you write this poem but I think the other person is a human too you know. A human’s nature is to doubt, to complain, to question, to blame and to ignore. You can’t expect someone to not do those no matter how close you are to them. It’s when they overcome this after a while, look above such feelings and emotions and maintain the relationship, then you can really say that you have a close relationship, an unbreakable bond between them. It’s when no matter what happens they do not replace you or leave you alone, then you can say they truly loved you.

    I personally think, we have this picture of a perfect human being painted in our minds who does not do all the things you addressed in the poem and we spend our whole lives trying to find that person but then we realize we can’t find them and all we get is disappointment. I feel like these expectations are just so unrealistic.

    I hope I wasn’t too harsh. Didn’t mean to criticize your poem or something of that sort. You know me. I just got to put my opinion forward, specially in front of you.

    1. I knew someone might feel this way after reading this poem. Even when i read this i felt like this is blaming a person too harsh ,maybe.

      That is why I have added the Post script at the end. I don’t like blaming anyone. It’s just written from perspective of a broken person , that’s it.

      And about the perfect person? Well , I’ve already written a post on my blog where I’ve clearly mentioned that “There’s no such thing like Perfect person/partner”. So no need to discuss on that 😁

      And I’m glad you shared your honest opinion. Thank you so much 😊❤️

      1. Aye! I feel like you think I was trying to attack you or your poem. Really did not mean anything of that sort. I just, I don’t know. I just don’t like people talking about what a relationship should be like, you know? Like I hate it when people say something like if he doesn’t do this, then he is not worthy of you or like if she doesn’t feel this way then she is not the one. I just feel these kind of things set this bar that everyone must achieve to have a successful relationship and that’s just bullshit. Everyone is different, every relationship is different. You can’t generalize a relationship and love. Okay now I am so out of topic. This is not even related to your poem lol. But I hope you get what I mean.

        1. No no, I’m not saying that you tried to attack or anything. I’m just telling you that I already agree what you’re trying to say. And I’ve been writing about them from the day I’ve started this blog.

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