I wrote a poem for you
to say the things which
I have always feared
to say and do

To explain you meaning of
the unnoticed subtle hints
and awkward silences
between us

I weaved verses together
and rhymed the words
which I swallowed
before they reached you

To make you look down,
cover your face
and blush like a blooming
pink cherry blossom

I poured my heart out
in each word I wrote
and the space I left
until the last full stop

To make you feel
the feelings I felt
when I hold your face
in my daydreams

I wrote a poem for you
that I’ll recite in your ears
as I hold you tight in my
arms under a starry sky

To show,
how madly and deeply
I’m in love with you
without actually saying it

I Wrote A Poem For You – Poem Description

I Wrote A Poem For You is a romantic poem about a lover confessing his love by writing a poem. Here, the lover is shy and awkward to share his feelings so he tries to pour down his heart in a short poem.

Title of this poem is inspired by a line from song “Yellow by Coldplay”. I was listening to the song after so long and it also helped to me write a new poem.

I’m glad I stumbled upon that song at the right time and wrote this poem.

I hope you enjoyed reading this poem. Do let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading !

[ Reposted 1st November 2020, originally posted November 2019]

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