I want to write poem

I want to write something for you
A Poem, a Rhyme, a Song
something to which you can relate
feel each & every word I write

Few words which has power of
breaking your heart into countless pieces
also mending them together
as it used to be long back

Few lines which can make you
cry endlessly yet feel relieved
Like favourite lines of a song
you keep waiting since the beginning

Few verses which will get stuck in your mind
Verses, which will force you to
look outside the window while you travel
and get lost in the memories of your first love

Few musical notes which are so soothing
to your ears to take you back in the time
when life was much simpler and sorted
to find reasons to laguh your heart out

Few rhymes to touch your broken heart
To give a hope to smallest piece of it
that it can get fixed as a whole
to beat once again & to love once again

Few beats which will force you to
tap your feet, snap your fingers,
spin your head and make you
jump like there’s no tomorrow

I want to write a song for you
A song so emotional and powerful
to give you goosebumps from your chin
to all over your body and
make you feel alive once again

A song to touch your heart & soul
A song which you will never let go
and lock in your heart to not get it stolen
just like the way people you once loved

I want to write something for you
that will make sense just to you
To make you feel the love so pure
which I have always failed to prove

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Hey Everyone!

Here’s a new poem “I Want To Write” where I  have tried to express what I feel whenever I write a poem. So, last week as I was thinking about writing a new poem, I decided to describe the purpose of writing poems on my blog.

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