I Miss You Poem

When I say I miss you
It’s not when
I’m hanging off a cliff
or drowning in a river of
burning Lava

When I say I miss you
it’s when
I see clouds on blue sky
or mountains covered with grass so green

I’m okay with falling in that
valley full of rocks
or burning my bones by drowning
in that hot lava alone


I’m not okay with running behind
those clouds without you by my side
or sliding from top of those mountains
without holding your hand

I would rather turn blind forever
and never see a beautiful thing
in this world
without you by my side

You’re sitting on top of that mountain
I am lying down, staring at your reflection
in a sky blue river
River, colder than frozen milk

A slow song about your lips
plays in my ears
Lips that mine can touch
only when the sun decides to set
and All I have are moments

You suffer with Acrophobia,
I with Aquaphobia
you’re bound to fall in my lap
and I am to drown in your ocean

*Acrophobia – Fear of Heights

*Aquaphobia – Fear of Water

Poem Description

Does this still need a description? I don’t think so.

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[Originally Posted on 22nd February 2020]

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