Writing an attractive blog post is a skill which can be mastered with practice. Many bloggers complain about low engagement i.e. minimal views/likes/comments/shares on blog posts..

Also, there are many who are thriving the Blogosphere with perfect blog posts and huge engagement.

How do they do it? What’s their secret formula to write such amazing Blog articles and get huge audience?

Here’s a detailed step by step guide to help you learn how to write an attractive blog post/article like a professional and increase blog engagement.

How To Write An Attractive Blog Post : 11 Steps (+ Bonus Tip)

How To write attractive blog post

1. Choose A Perfect Topic For Blog Post

The very first step to craft a Blog post is choosing a perfect topic. But how to choose the perfect topic for a Blog post?

While deciding a topic for a Blog post, first question you need to ask yourself is “Will my readers get benefit from this Blog post or not ?”

No matter if it’s not the most searched topic on search engines, but if it matters to your readers then you must write it down. Because they are the ones you’re writing for.

Make your readers as your priority and then Google.

For example: The reason why I started writing about Blogging Tips is because many of my blogger friends wanted me to. Many asked me about how did I get this number of Followers / Engagement on my blog.

Thus, I included Blogging tips into one of my blog categories.

2. Write An Eye-catching Title For Your Blog Post

Once you’re done with choosing a topic for your blog post, start brainstorming for title of the post.

Title of your blog post decides whether a reader will click on the article or just scroll down.

An eye-catching title is brief and conveys the purpose of the post clearly.

If you’re writing a list then mention Numbers in your title. Here are few examples

8 Reasons Why Your Blog Has No Traffic (And How To Get It)

7 Practical Steps – How To Get Over A Breakup?

Top 5 Myths About Introverts You Should Know

If you’re answering or discussing a question then mention it in the title. So that it becomes easier for a reader to decide to click or not.

Here are few examples:

Is Love Overrated ? (3 Reasons Why)

Why So Many Depressed?| How To Deal With It?

How To Stop Being A Victim In 4 Steps

3. Begin With The Purpose

After Title, the beginning of an article or post plays crucial role if a reader will keep reading or close your article.

The beginning of a blog post must be short and defining the intent of it. A perfect introduction talks about what a reader will gain as he/she finishes reading the full post.

To write a great introduction for a Blog post, You must spend more time. So you can try out different options and then choose the one that perfectly suits for the post.

I usually spend more time in writing introduction than the actual content of an article.

4. Include Pictures Related To The Post

No one wants just to read words nowadays. Visual content is preferred over the written content. So, only written articles doesn’t work in today’s world.

No, I’m not asking you to make YouTube videos. But, you need to include pictures in your Blog posts. Thumbnails for your blog post which will get you more clicks and views.

Create appealing and nice looking pictures using editing applications available in your Computer or Phone. My favorites are Canva & Picsart.

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5. Divide The Blog Post Using Sub-Headings

Structuring a blog post is where most people go wrong. I have observed this with many bloggers I follow. They write an insightful and a perfect blog post but without any Headings, Sub Headings and paragraphs.

It’s such a pain in the eyes to read an article written like an essay (Without any Headings & Paras). If you don’t believe then try to read a well structured article vs the poor one.

Use H1, H2, H3, etc headings to divide the post. So that it becomes easy to read. Sometimes readers don’t want to read all points, in that situation headings will be useful to skip the unwanted points.

6. Write In Small Paragraphs

Imagine if this blog post had only single paragraph throughout. Will you really read it?

If you observe my articles, you’ll notice that each one of them is divided into multiple small paragraphs. Even this one is a small paragraph that I’m going to end right now.

Welcome to the new one! So, the reason is, it increases readability. It’s much easier and faster to read when an article is written with small paragraphs.

But don’t just divide article into paragraphs deliberately. Make sure that each one has an unique purpose.

7. Share Real Life Personal Examples

One of the ways to make your blog post interesting is by adding personal experiences. The experiences related to the topic and which are relatable to the readers.

This will not only get you more readers but also increase engagement. Because people love the content they can relate too. If they relate, they will definitely engage with it by Commenting and sharing your content.

I always try to include as many personal examples in my articles. Even in this article too.

8. Use Simple Words In A Blog Post

Even if you’ve great vocabulary, don’t use too complicated words in a blog post. A reader shouldn’t need to open a dictionary to understand your content.

If you’re aiming for mass readers then you must a language and words that are simple and understood by everyone.

Unless you’re writing a poetry, don’t try to use fancy words in blog articles.

Re-Read your own blog posts and do modifications until it’s easiest to read and understand.

9. Interlink Related Posts

Interlinking is one of the useful ways to get more traffic on your old posts. Also helpful for SEO, but we won’t get into SEO now.

Basically, interlinking is including links to your other blog posts which are related. You can click on the link symbol and paste the link of your desired blog post.

This also makes a reader stay longer on your blog and read more from your blog.

Make sure that you are only interlinking to related and relevant posts. (Just like I’m gonna do it below)

10. End With A Short Conclusion

Ending of a blog post holds equal importance as much as the beginning. Ending of a blog post is a conclusion of the overall post. It assures that the purpose of a blog post is fulfilled.

Write a short summary of whole post and mention it’s purpose once again. Also, include additional but small content at the end.

Don’t make it too long. Keep it short and simple.

11. Ask open ended question

If you’re looking for ways to increase engagement on your blog then asking open ended questions is the answer for you.

What are open ended questions? The questions which can only be answered descriptively. They can’t be answered in Yes or no.

You can ask readers to share their personal experiences, additional tips or lessons in the comments section.

But you also need to be engaged with their content before. This is how you actually gain readers for your blog.

Bonus Tip

Still craving for more tips on writing an attractive blog post? Here’s a bonus tip for you all.

Read the popular blogs over the internet. Observe the way these blogs are written. How they are structured ? What kind of pictures are inserted ? What questions are asked?

Observe every little thing and learn from it. Then check what works for your readers and keep improving day by day.

Here are some of my favorite popular Blogs/Websites

Thought Catalog
Wiki How
Tiny Buddha

Final Words

How to write amazing blog articles

Writing a perfect blog post is definitely not an easy task as it seems. Also it’s not a rocket science. Anyone can learn how to write an attractive and meaningful blog post by practice, patience and learning.

The tips I’ve shared above are learning from my 1+ Year of blogging experience.

This was an honest effort from my side to share my experience and lessons learnt from my own mistakes and success as a blogger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful.

Share your best lessons as a blogger which helped you to grow more and help your fellow bloggers in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

[Reposted on 21st November 2020, Originally Posted 19th November 2019]

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