Just had a breakup & feeling like your world is about to end?

Are you feeling like you’ll end up being loneliest creature in the world?

Have you started feeling that your Ex will find someone so much better than you ?

Are you already blaming yourself for the breakup & begging your ex to come back?

If your answers to all of the above questions is Yes then this post is for you ..

How to get over a Breakup ?

First of all if your answer to my 4th question is positive then please stop doing it i.e. Stop begging her/him to stay.

I’ve been through a really hard breakup which happened around 6 months ago. So from my experience I’ve learnt a lot of things which one should do & shouldn’t do after his/her breakup .

I’ll be trying my best to help you get over your breakup.

Steps to get over a Breakup

  1. Accept It :

This is most important thing to do just after a breakup & which is really hard to do. During a relationship people get so attached to their partner that even after breaking up with them , they can’t accept it.

Accept that you two are no longer together & there is a reason why you are not together anymore.

2. Analyze your relationship :

Just as I’ve mentioned above, accept that you broke for a reason. Look back in your relationship & try to find out what caused the breakup .

When you get to know the real reason behind it ,ask yourself if you still want to be with that person with the reason that caused breakup ?

Is that problem solvable ? Is your partner ready to solve that problem with you?

3. Take A Break :

I know you’re missing your ex so much ,I know you are feeling like you can’t live without him/her .

Just take a deep breath & relax. Give yourself alone time. Take a break from Social media.

What will this do is it will divert yours & your ex’s mind from breakup to other things in your respective lives which is needed.

Even if you feel like the problem with you two can be solved , still take a break . Because it will give you clearer picture of what has happened & what needs to be done .

4. Focus On Yourself :

While we are in a relationship we tend to give more importance to our partner than ourselves.

During your break you need to shift your all your focus to yourself.

Start taking care of yourself. Make yourself happy by doing something which cheers you up like Dancing , Singing , Traveling , Being with family ,etc .

5. Do Something New:

Get out of your comfort zone & do something which you have never done before.

If you are not person who takes care of own health then you can start doing it. You can start doing Exercises ,Running ,Swimming , Gymming,etc .

Anything which you wanted to do but couldn’t do due to stupid excuses.

What I did after my breakup is that I started writing. All of this you’re reading right now is the outcome of my breakup .

My blog Writing My Heart Out is because of my Breakup.

What this will do is that it will take you to a different atmosphere. You’ll be able meet different Experiences ,people , things.

This will help you to get your mind away from Breakup & keep you busy.

6. Achieve Something :

Achieve something big. Set a goal to achieve something by yourself.

After my breakup , I set a goal to lose my weight (Which I was already doing but breakup gave me more motivation) .

So I started working hard in gym as well as at home .

And my hard work payed off.

( I will write separate post describing “My Transformation”.

Achieving something makes you feel proud of yourself. It motivates you to do better. You feel happy with yourself & You don’t need anyone to make yourself happy.

7. Be Patient :

I know the steps mentioned above are easy to read & understand , but hard to implement.

I have been though a really hard breakup recently & I’d like to tell you that Getting over a breakup & following above steps is not easy.

There will be time when You’ll feel Alone , Empty or hopeless. You’ll lose motivation . You will start blaming yourself ,doubting yourself.

No matter how hard it gets never lose hope. Keep in mind that ” All of this is making you stronger “.

So Be patient & Keep working !

Sometimes the most uncomfortable learning is the most powerful.” ~BrenΓ© Brown

Conclusion :

I can write a lot on this topic but I don’t want this post to be too long.

So whoever just had a breakup or who is finding hard to move on remember Take a break , Love yourself , Get out of your comfort zone ,Be patient that’s it .

And if you feel like the problem happened between you & your ex can be solved , then do talk with your Ex and solve it together .

All the best !

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