Are you searching for “A perfect partner”?

Tired of meeting people who never were what you wanted?

Worried if you’ll ever find that perfect one for you?

If Yes , let’s see how you can find that one perfect partner for you.

Hello Everyone ! Finally decided to write an article after so long. As most of you might be knowing that I’ve recently changed my blog to self hosted , So I was caught up in all that stuff.

Finding perfect partner huh? Let’s first understand what perfect partner is.

IMP Note: This was originally posted March 7th 2019. So bear with the quality & grammar of this article.

What Is A Perfect Partner?

What Is A Perfect Partner

A perfect partner has not a specific definition because for every person the definition differs. But we can say a perfect partner is someone who loves you unconditionally , Respects you, Looks after you , Has strong connection with you, Is committed to you ,etc ,etc .

In short we look for someone who has everything from Looks, Physique, Behaviour, Commitment, Career, etc.And we live in a hope that someday we will meet that perfect one & everything will fall in its place.

That’s what a perfect partner is.

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Will You Ever Find That One?

Perfect partner

Nope , you won’t. Before you assume this post is misleading , I’ll explain why you haven’t found or can’t find the perfect partner.

There are multiple reasons behind it , I’ll try to explain below.

1. Wrong Idea Of A Perfect Partner

The first & most important reason why you have not yet found your perfect partner is because you don’t know what is a perfect partner. You have your definition of that perfect person but it is mostly based on wrong ideas.

As I have talked before in my article Is Love Overrated, that we’re mostly influenced by Love stories which are portrayed in Movies/Series/Books. As we watch these things ,we develop an image of a perfect partner in our mind. Why this image is wrong because it’s based on fictional characters not real person.

2. You Expect Too Much

Let’s assume that you met someone who seemed like the perfect one ( That’s what everyone tries to show). And you two got connected

Emotionally/physically so well in short time. But as time passed you start to get mad over small issues or get fight with your partner & complain about not being the way he/she used to be. The reason why this happens is , You expect too much.

First of all your idea about a perfect partner was already based on wrong ideas & that is why you had wrong & too much of expectations from the beginning.

3. You Don’t Put Efforts

This might be hard to digest but everyone has done this mistake in their relationship. We set high expectations from partners but we ourselves are not willing to do that for them.

You want him/her to give you attention/love/time but you give excuses when you fail to do that for them. In Short, You expect more than what you’re willing to give them.

3 Simple Ways To Find Perfect Partner

3 Simple ways to find Perfect Partner for you

Please note: I’m not a dating coach or anything. So I won’t be writing here about How to impress girls/boys or What clothes you should wear or Teach you magical pick up lines. I’ll just try to give you some guidelines which will help you to find that one for you.

1. Forget Those Movies

Just throw them away (Not literally). Stop dreaming about a person based on the last movie/series/book you have watched/read. Accept that it was a fictional story made for entertainment purpose. After digesting this bitter fact, now ask yourself what do you want from your partner.

What are your priorities? Your needs and expectations? The kind of relationship you want? After having this small QnA session with yourself, You will now know what you actually want from your partner & what is that perfect partner based on your own ideas not from a fictional stories.

2. Stop Expecting Too Much

Accept “Nobody is perfect“. You cannot have a person who can fulfil all of your requirements. Like you want a person who will love you, gives attention all the time ,can make you laugh , is good looking , has same interests as you, can be your best-friend , who is always there for you no matter what. Just understand that You cant have all of that in a single person.

3. Put Efforts

When you are in a relationship, both of you must put equal efforts to make that relationship work.

You cannot expect only one person to put efforts & make sacrifices all the time. There will be times when you have to change few things from your side to maintain a healthy relationship. You have to sacrifice to make your partner feel important.

It is very important to make time for your partner and appreciate your partner for what he/she is doing for you. So You must to put efforts in a relationship.

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Final Words

I hope this article has somewhat helped you to throw out your misconceptions about a perfect partner & to actually know what is perfect partner ,also how you can be a perfect partner.

If it did ,then DO SHARE this post with you friends & loved ones. Especially, If you are in a relationship then you must share this with your partner. So that you can work on being perfect for each other together ♥

Thank you for reading !

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