Wondering why you haven’t received any comments on your recent Blog post ?

You open the WordPress App & there’s no comment section.

Ugh, that sucks!

I know so many people are fed up with this disappearing of comments section.

Even though I have already told many of my fellow bloggers about how to enable the comments, i thought of writing this.

Because still many people aren’t aware of the solution.

So here it is :

Step by Step Guide to Enable/Disable Comments on WordPress

How to enable comments on wordpress

Step 1 : Login To Admin Panel

Now what the heck is this admin panel ? I know many bloggers use WP App instead of browsers.

And they don’t usually need to login to admin panel.

Here’s how you do it

1. Open a browser

2. Go to :




Note: yourblog is where you’ve to put your blog’s address.

Another way :

1. Open WordPress App

2. Click on My Site tab

3. And then click on View Admin

You’ll get directed to your admin panel.

This how it will look.

Then enter the Username & Password to login.

Step 2 : Go To Posts Section

On the left hand side of screen, under three horizontal lines you will find a option for posts, click on that.

Once you’ve clicked on this, you’ll see a list of all of All Posts, Published, Drafts, etc.

Now select the post for which you want to enable comments.

Step 3 : Click On The Post Settings Icon

Now you’ll get many options for Visibility, Publish time, Categories, Tags, etc.

Scroll down until you find Discusion section.

You’ll find Allow comments option is unchecked, you just have check it.

Click on it to enable comments.

You can also Allow Pingbacks & Tracebacks.

What are they?

When someone links or reblogs your post you’ll get notified with a comment.

And that’s it.

Hope your problem is solved.

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Thank you for reading & enjoy the comments on your blog posts.

Taking a short break, will be back next week (Hopefully)

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