How To Deal With Rejections – 5 Truths You Must Know

Rejections are tough. So tough that your self esteem, confidence and belief rejects you as well. And to deal with rejections is tougher.

It makes doubt your own abilities, strengths, qualities and yourself.

And this rejection holds you back from trying again or sometimes even thinking about it.

Now when you hear rejection, the first word that hits in your mind is Relationships. Because it’s highly talked topic around you.

So in this article we will talk about same, Rejection from Relationships and Friendships also.

Rejection Is Inevitable

Why? Because Rejection or Acceptance is in someone else’s hands.

When you apply for a job and give an interview for same, it’s the company who will decide to either accept or reject you.

Even in relationships, when you approach a person for any kind of relationship or friendship, it’s their call to accept or reject you.

You might wonder, “I already know this”.

Yes, we all know it. But we often fail to understand this. Especially after being rejected.

Rejection is Inevitable.

So, no matter how hardly you scream or cry or do any thing, you won’t be able to change someone else’s mind.

Sounds simple, but how to deal with it ?

5 Truths To Help You Deal With Rejections In Relationships

This is the most common problem that we observe all around. We listen about these stories of rejections from people around, songs on TV, Quotes on Instagram, movies, etc.

It’s happening everywhere.

So how do you deal with this?

First, ask yourself how many people you’ve rejected in your life.

Think hard, I’m sure you’ve done it.

Now again ask yourself about how you feel about those people.

Did you hate them?

I’m sure you didn’t. (Except few rare cases)

You have you reasons that made you reject them. And those reasons have nothing to do with them. It’s all on you.

Yet the rejected person suffers.

Here are 5 Truths to help you deal with rejections from relationships/friendships.

1. It’s Mostly About Them, Rarely About You

Like I said at the beginning of this article, rejection is mostly about them and rarely about you.

People have their own reasons to reject you. And these reasons have hardly anything to do with you.

Talking about myself, I’ve rejected many people in past year. (No, not relationship proposals).

And the reason isn’t because people who tried to know me or be friends with were not good.

It’s just that I knew that I won’t be able to handle any kind of relationships. I wanted to keep my circle small.

I knew if I had let people come close to me, i would have hurt them badly. And failed to keep those Friendships alive for longer time.


I had my reasons to reject people which had nothing to do with them.

2. You Can’t Make Others Accept You

No matter how hard you try to be an ideal person for someone, it’s their call to either accept or reject you.

Yes, you can put in your efforts to make things work but you can’t make them accept you.

This is very important to understand that you have no control over other’s decisions.

You can only control your own thoughts, words or actions.

3. Why Do You Want To Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Want You ?

I feel this is a very powerful question to ask yourself when someone rejects you.

Because see, everyone wants to be with people who also wants to be with them. Right?

There’s no point in giving so much importance to the people who have no place for you in their life.

I won’t say that they don’t deserve you or vice versa.

It’s just so simple, you can’t fit in life of whichever person you desire.

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4. Make Yourself Understand The Situation

When things get harder for me I always try to talk with myself as I would talk with someone close who is struggling with something.

I believe that I’ve a mature side of myself who has answers to all of my questions.

If you are struggling to deal with a rejection from someone you like or anything else, try to talk with yourself.

Tell yourself how you feel & what you want.

Then also make yourself understand the situation from other perspectives.

Just like you do it when your closed ones ask for your help.

This does sounds easy but will take time.

But once you get used to helping yourself this way, you won’t need any one else to solve your problems.

5. Accept Your Flaws And Work On Them

Even though rarely, few rejections can be about you. Maybe because you’re actually flawed.

You know those flaws, imperfections or bad qualities already.

I know everyone now says we all are imperfect or flawed but that doesn’t mean you need to live with them.

If these flaws are making people reject you then you need to accept them.

You must observe the way you behave, talk and do things that might make people push you away.

Is it something that also affecting on other areas of your life? If yes, then you must start working on it.

Most importantly, not for those people to accept you but for yourself.

Final Words

Yes, it’s tough to Deal with rejections (any kind). I or anyone else can tell you so many ways to deal with it but it’s you who have to do it.

Sometimes even a thought of rejection or being left alone can make you feel like isolating yourself from the whole world. Yes, it’s that frightening thing.

And that’s what mostly happens after a person faces rejection.

These 5 truths about rejections is written by my mature self (Like I said above). It’s who writes all these self help or relationships articles.

I’m no perfect in handling all those stuff that I write about.

But I do understand them & look at them from different perspectives to help myself.

I hope this helps you as well.

Thank you for reading and do let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Hello, If anyone wants someone to talk to or wants to suggest me topics to write on then feel free to reach out.

You can contact me here.

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  • I remember someone telling me that “being rejected is not a reflection of your worth but a reflection of their want”. It sure hurts but once we realise that it’s inevitable, we become more accepting and forgiving.

    • This is such a meaningful statement ❤️💯

      True that, acceptance is the hard part.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ❤️

  • Very important post Sumeet. Although I am not affected much by rejections.. cause I have a really small circle and usually don’t expect much from people and also now I have learnedto do it. But you know, it is difficult to reject because people feel like we like to hurt them, you truly said that we have our own reasons and it is important that they should understand this.

    • Exactly! They get hurt and it's normal too.
      So, it all comes down to acceptance 😊

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts ❤️

  • Love the blog; I was talking about rejection yesterday with a friend. Nobody can reject you, and you reject yourself somewhere in your psyche. The rejector is the trigger for something deeper within you.

  • I take rejection as someone blowing
    a bugle in my ear to wake me and get going, rather than retreat.

  • Wow, Sumeet! This was like an eye-opener for me, such a relatable post. I always have a hard time facing rejections, and these points made me really stop and think. Thankyou for helping me out. 🤗💫 This is really well written!

    • Thank you so much Chandni ❤️❤️😊
      So glad to know that you found it helpful for you!!!

  • Nice article you have made. I really appreciate your efforts and points you have covered in this post simply superb.

  • Nice post. Rejection is a pain and yes everything is in our hands. There’s no wonder that we too have rejected many people.

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