Are you happy?

Answer to this question will be like

Yes, I’m happy with my life”


Umm.. Yeah , but I want to be more happy.”


Nope, My life sucks.

But first let’s understand what is Happiness.

What Is Happiness ?

Happiness is a feeling. Feeling of Joy, Satisfaction & Contentment. These are actually synonyms for Happiness.

There are a lot of different resources of happiness for different people. For example: Money, Love, Friends, A Hobby, Achievements, etc.

Reason for someone’s happiness can be reason for someone else’s Unhappiness. That’s how complicated Happiness is.

For example: Working out can be a reason for someone’s happiness while for others it is a painful & uninteresting thing to do.

I hope you get my point here. The point is Happiness differs from person to person.

Why Are Most People Unhappy?

From the response of question asked in the beginning , we can say that lot of people are not happy with their life.

Even if they are , there might be something which they want to do to be more happy. They feel somewhere they are lacking.

Why ?

You’re Not Who You Want To Be

We all have an ideal personality of ourselves in our mind. It’s the person you want to be. That person has all the Skills you want to have. He/she is the best version of yourself and that’s what you want to be.

For example:

You’re person with a lot of Insecurities & fears. So who you want to be is person who is Confident & Fearless.

Not Where You Want To Be

Well, not physically. It’s like a position where you want to be. Maybe Financially , Emotionally, Even Physically. Confused?

Let’s take an example:

Suppose you are getting rejected in interviews & you’re about to be broke. So you where you want to be is at “A Good Paying Job”.

Another example.

You had a breakup (Ugh. Breakup again?). Anyway ,so you’re trying to get over that breakup & move on with your life.

So here where you want to be where you no longer care about your past & you are happy with whatever you have at that moment.

I hope it makes sense now.

How To Be Happy ?

To be honest, I don’t know.

The thing is there is no specific definition of Happiness. Every person has a different definition of Happiness.

Some people may find happiness in going out while some may find it in being at home.

Some people may find happiness in Luxury while some may find it in Minimalism.

Some people may find happiness being with someone while some may find it being one themselves.

You see that? It’s all confusing.

So I can’t tell you like “Do This 5 Things & You’ll Be Happy“. I really can’t.

Then who can tell you How to be happy?

Only you can tell yourself. No one else can tell you how to be happy.

So first of all get to know yourself. Try to find yourself. Find out who you want to be. Find Out where you want to be.

Do the things that makes you happy. Just the way you do things for your loved ones to make them happy , do it for yourself.

Make yourself Happy.

Fulfill your wishes.

Achieve your Goals.

Reward Yourself

Love Yourself.

That’s it. I would love to know what you think about happiness. Also if you wan to share your tips to be happy then do share in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!

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