How much is enough?
When is that you stop looking for more?
Do you even need it or
you told that you do?

You see people around you
with things you don’t have
then you go out & get them
because if you don’t
you aren’t enough

So you make it a mission
get trained in the dirt
to dive in deeper
where others seems to find there place
but are just digging a hole
for themselves

You get down
think this is it
maybe now you can rest and do what you really want
with no one screaming inside your brain
to wake up & make things you don’t really need

Again you are reminded that you need to win more of these races
which has no finishing line
Or else
you’ll be left out of the groups
alone in your own world
get pitied by people in the pits
deeper than yours

How much is enough?
Do we ever really stop looking?
Or we just never told about
sitting back
wherever we are
and just be

I’m marching towards a place
where time is slowed down
crowds are quiet
lost in silence
staring at something distant,

Ps: No description for this, too lazy to write it down.

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