My mom often complains
I don’t talk to her to anymore
I don’t make any jokes & laugh with her
the way I used to do before

She remembers
how I couldn’t go a day
without sharing everything about my day
But I don’t do that anymore

How do I tell you mom?

I am not who I used to be and
my days aren’t like what they used to be
when my heart was kind & pure like yours

At school, the friends whom I called
forevers talks behind my back
how funny I look with extra fat all over my body.

Teachers now only know me
as a nobody in the classroom
Target to hit when frustrated
a tool to boost their ego

The person whom I liked with all my heart
sits in front of me
looking into someone else’s eyes
while I have nowhere to look at

On my way back to home
group of guys awaits me outside school
to touch my body with lust dropping
from their evil eyes

You wonder why I’m all quite once I reach home
that I go into my room and hide my face into the pillow in the corner of my bed
like a routine

You know what Mom?

I want to go out in the moonlight
to watch the stars falling for me
I want to climb the mountains and
feel the freshness of golden sunrise

I’m tired of running from everyone & everything
I wanna walk now
Free from fear of getting followed, stabbed, groped, raped and what not

How do i tell you mom ?

The dark circles under my deep eyes
aren’t due to studying all night
but crying until you wake up for your morning walk

I miss the old me, just like you do
but that person is lost somewhere
deep inside an ocean with my innocence & broken pieces of heart immersed
which no one can recollect

How do i tell you mom ?

I’m swimming this ocean without an island to reach
where my own mind tries to pull me down
and choke my throat under the water

First of all, it’s pure Fiction & I wrote it from a girl’s perspective.

Too lazy to write description of this right now.

But I’ll do it soon.

Until then, let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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