Hold my hand poem

Hold my hand and
grab me so tight
I’ll take you the places where
you saw us in your dreams

To the top of the mountain
where we held each other tight
and kissed so hard while
dancing in the freezing snowfall

To the peaceful lake where
everything we could hear were
our hearts beating for each other
afar from rest of the world’s chaos

To the rooftop of our dream house
where I crossed my fingers in yours
and locked my eyes in yours
until bright rays of sunrise woke us up

To the roads you always wanted to roam
in a quite & lonely night
where we shared our untold stories
and lived like there was no tomorrow

Hold my hand tonight again
trust your dream one more time
and I’ll make sure that you
no nightmare crosses your mind again

Baby, let’s be brave enough tonight
to love with our broken pieces
dream with our teary eyes
and live with our lonely souls

Hold my hand once again
and let’s explore the places unknown
love the parts remained unfolded
and live the dreams unfulfilled

Poem Description

Hello Everyone! I am sorry for not posting anything new this week. I was running out of ideas to write and also procrastinating a lot. But I am back with new poem this Friday.

Hold My Hand is a love poem, a type of poem which I rarely write. Romantic poems or love poems are something I haven’t wrote a lot. But I always try to write on whatever idea get stuck to my mind.

I hope you enjoy reading this poem. And if you really do then don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Repost: 27th October 2020]

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