I wish we could stop time
everytime I kissed you
wish i could just freeze it and never make it run again
to end this moment we have

I wish everytime you touched my face
with your both hands
I ended up writing poems on your hands
glorifying how pretty they are
using metaphors from underrated movies and poems

I wish you were by my side right now
our eyes locked in each others
until we fall asleep
wrapped around each other

But here I’m writing a poem
thinking about your pretty hands
how your fingers felt when they fit perfectly in mine
how my head perfectly rested on your shoulder

Tonight all I wanna write about is your hand
about the chills I get when you wrap them around me
holding me back from ever going away from you
your fingers grabbing my hair
not letting me slip away

I wish, the same hands held my hands
right now
stop me from writing this poem
and take me back in your arms
once again

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